The Recommend locations For Your Screen Printing Custom Hoodies

When regarding the screen printing custom hoodies, for your sportswear brand, there are no limit creations on the pattern and designs. And from the various printing methods, screen printing methods, is the one most custom order clients chooses. Within this blog, we will recommend some the best screen print locations, for your custom made hoodies, or other unbranded gym clothing.

Our oemyogawear team are here, to help you to make the most outstanding of your custom hoodies, by providing the screen printing location tips. What is great about working with us, for your screen printing custom hoodies order, is we own a group of custom apparel specialists, which have years experiences. When it comes to building all sorts of the high quality hoodies, that we work great for every our customers.

  1. Left side of the chest

The left chest side of the custom hoodies, may be somewhat small. However, it is the truly mighty regarding as the screen printing locations. That is the ideal location for the brand logo for the athletic apparel and sportswear. And it is also suitable greatly for the other custom apparel, like jacket, polos and so on.

Printing your brand logo or small design pattern here, the left chest side, is always the tasteful placement to do screen printed design. It provides a wonderful sense of professionalism, updating on your custom apparel. But it will not demanding much more eye attention here.

Due to this left chest area are limit for you design pattern, logo or pattern here are typically small. So please always keep in mind, that your brand logo and print pattern should be simple. The complex design and logo might be difficult to fulfill here, when your designs include a small details. For recommendation, around 3-4 inches will be the ideal width, and will work well for all your custom hoodies sizes.

  1. Middle side of the chest

No matter you are looking for the custom hoodies, t-shirts or sweatshirts, the middle chest side is the most popular locations, for screen printing the brand log or design.

By compared with the left chest side, this screen print location is much bigger. And it is the perfect area for the medium design size, especially the one want to custom the hoodie for team. Besides, it is popular location, if your logo include some complex and intricate details. And it still welcome to print the slogans, long text and all kinds of middle sized pattern.

The ideal length for this screen print location, will be about 6-10 inches across the chest.

  1. Full Front side of the screen printing custom hoodies.

Full front screen printing location, is the classic placement, that  work for lots of custom printing apparel needs. And people, who choose this location for screen printing, is for you want your pattern design to be big enough for seen by every one.

Apparel, like t-shirt, tank top, vest, hoodies and other garment that without the zipper, will work well for this large print area.

Before you choose this big location for your custom hoodies, please noted that this option requires more ink. And it will cause your custom hoodie more weight and some potential discomfort. Besides, due to the large print pattern, it will somehow cause less stretchable on fabric, than the one without big screen printing.

But it is all depend on your custom design for the hoodie. And it do not have the size limitation on the print pattern and logo, as long as your custom hoodie big enough.

  1. Back side of the collar

The back side of the collar, is really popular printing location by  accident. This screen printing locations work great, for the brand logo and trendy statements. And it is the top one options for the sportswear brand building.

Designs and logo here, is small like the on on left chest area. In the other words, it should be work for something simpler, as the lack of printing space.

About 2-4 inches width, will work wonderfully. Logo, printing here, promotes your brand in ad stylish way, that will draw people’s attention.

  1. Middle side of the back

Similar with the middle chest area, the middle side of the back, is also the great option for middle size logo and designs. For example, lots of team sportswear will utilize the middle back print pattern, to show their slogans or team spirit.

The ideal width for these prints, is about 12 inches. Besides, logo or design prints here, will go across the shoulder blades.

  1. Full back side of the screen printing custom hoodie

Screen printing here, is a very creative option, that can print all sorts of your creative design.

What’s more, if you are going to print on the back of your hoodies, then you will certainly print on the front as well. Like an example for this, printing your brand slogan on the full back side, and with a brand logo on the front of hoodies.

screen printing custom hoodies


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