The Important Considerations When Ordering Custom Made Men Hoodies

Custom made men hoodies are wildly popular, and it is never late to consider ordering your own custom brand men hoodies. Then make sure you are keeping on the right track, towards finding your reliable custom hoodie manufacture, or unbranded gym clothing supplier.

As you can know, that the hoodies seem like more of Autumn and winter clothes choice. However, the new athleisure fashion, tend to bring the hoodies as a full year matching items. And more and more sportswear brand or athleisure brand, prefer design their own custom made hoodies every season.

First: Choose the right kind of your custom made men hoodie

Before design your own unique custom made men hoodies, please always keep in mind of these factors: designs, fabric and logo printing methods, when you are finding your perfect parner for the custom hoodies.

– Designs

The hoodies can be simply classify into two main designs: pullover hoodies and zip up hoodies. There are various of other design options, like cropped hoodies. But all of them are typically into two main designs. Pullover hoodies keep warmer, while zip up hoodies are more fashion and versatile.

It depends on what main market you looking for the custom made brand hoodie.

– Fabric you using for the custom made men hoodie

When you consult your custom made hoodies manufacture, for the fabric choice for the custom hoodies, you will receive lots of different fabric options. That will include moisture wicking polyester blends fabric, or the classic soft cotton fabric. Even for the cotton and polyester blends fabric, you will feedback countless fabric choice. And the following are some options for recommend:



Second: Printing on the custom made hoodie.

For the custom men hoodie, you will receive the pretty versatile options, towards the printing methods and locations. However, for the printing on the custom hoodie, here are something you need to keep in mind always: keep it simple. But we have the other more considerations for you in the following.

– Printing location for the custom printed hoodie

The common printing location for hoodie, include the following  commendation. And you could also check our previous blog, for the detail introduction on the print location.

Full front of the hoodie: around 10″ x 12″

Full sleeve of the hoodie: around 14″ x 4″

The front pocket: around 13″ x 5″

Full back of the hoodie: around 14″ x 12″

Hood: around 6″ x 6″

Lower side of the back: around 4″ x 12″

Left chest side: around 4″  4″

Shoulder: around 4″ x 4‘’

Wrist: around 3″ x 4″

Screen print custom men hoodies

– Printing methods for the custom hoodie

In the following, they are the most common printing methods options for your custom hoodie:

Screen printing

Digital printing

Heat transfer printing

Sublimation printing


Third: Knowing what sizes for your custom hoodie

Once you have the idea on the which design of hoodie you prefer, and how you will customize the hoodie. The next one for consideration, is the sizing. If you are running a years-of sportswear brand, it will be better that you can do a marketing survey for your size chart. It is also okay if you are new for the custom hoodies brand, and do not have the idea on sizing. Our designer team, will send you the standard size chart for reference.

The general rule for choose the right hoodie size, is match it to the t-shirt size you wear. However, oversized hoodies tend to be more trendy than before. Then you might need to consider the general size chart for your target market, and plus your custom design of hoodie.

-Standard fit hoodies vs. Fashion fit hoodies

When compared from the standard fit hoodies, the fashion fit hoodies are fitting tighter and more flattering. Many of them will be a little bit thinner on the material, and may with the more complex details.

But when the hoodies do not say anything about being fashions fit/ slim, then it is most something seem as the standard fit hoodies.

We have the brief description here, to do the definition to express the standard fit  and fashions fit hoodie:

Standard Fit Hoodies: Lose, longer, boxy, thicker fabric

Fashion Fit Hoodies: Tighter, shorter, contoured, slim, thinner fabric

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