Ready to Ship Sports Wear

Ready to ship sports wear is specially produced for serve the buyer who is looking for  ready cargos that can be ship out at any time. You must have suffered from troubles with the long time production process from garments factories? Well, ready to ship items was born to solve this problem.

During the past years, sports wear have become more and more popular, you can found people wearing sportswear anywhere, no matter in the gym, park, street, coffee shop.

With professional athletes endorsing and wearing top sports wear brands, almost everywhere you see someone wearing some form of activewear. Recently, it has become “fashionable” to put on sportswear brands as a fashion statement. People are frequently seen walking around the city wearing their branded fitness clothing.

In the following passage, let’s explain further about ready to ship sports wear and what we can benefits from them.


What is ready to ship sports wear?

As you can tell from the words, ready to ship sports wear means that the garments are already sewn up and able to ship out at any time. Usually available in various sizes and colors or prints for customer selection. What’s more, some suppliers provide with custom logo service and package for create customer own brands.

Ready to Ship Sports Wear

Benefits of ready to ship sports wear

Custom design is a good way to establish your own sports wear collections, you can transfer your own image to reality by customization. However, the most annoy thing is the manufacturer who working for you. Some time they just suddenly told you that there is mistakes made on the bulks, which is unable to correct, or inform you that the production schedule have changed, factory need more time for production, which means your delivery time need to postpone. In this case, you may encounter with the risk that not able to catch the best selling season. While ready to ship sports wear will save you from such dilemma, RTS products is more flexibility.


Save delivery time

Time is money. If your supplier do not allow you to receive cargos on time for selling, that means you will lose money. As you know, most of garment types are seasonal, if you just received the winter coat in spring, that means you’ve missed the best selling session, and have no choice but to wait until the next year. However, when the new winter coming, there are more new products appeared, you have no choice again, but to offer discount for customers in order to sold out the stock leftover from last year. That means you are loosing quite a lot profits.


Facilitate online shipping and speed to market:

Online shipping is a trendy and high welcome shopping way among young generation. You do not need to walk here and there to find the items you like. Instead, you can review for all the products on the phone without going outside. More and more shop owners, brands are turning their business into website as well. Under this situation, drop shipping service was bone at the right moment. Ready to ship sports wear is perfect items for the drop shipping operating mode. Further more, the MOQ for custom design cargos are much higher compared with ready to ship items. By offering your customers with ready to sportswear, you can get much more options for their selection since the MOQ is small, you can get more choices under the same budget.

In the other side, you can check what kind of styles is much more welcome in the market via selling ready to ship sports wear. And then repeat order and re-stock the most hot selling items according. In this way, you can sold out goods more quickly and react more quickly to the market trends.

Interested in purchasing ready to ship sports wear for your store? Welcome to get contact with us and get a catalog!

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