What To Keep In Mind Regarding Screen Printed Custom Hoodies

Screen Printed Custom Hoodies, on the unbranded gym clothing are wildly popular among the startups’ custom made apparel. And here are something share to consider for your custom made hoodie order.

As Autumn has officially arrived, the custom order, around the screen printed custom made hoodie and sweatshirts, are rapid influx.

And what we have noticed, from these custom made hoodies order, people who place the screen printed custom hoodie order, do not quite understanding the certain challenges, for the screen printing designs and logos work on such custom made hoodies.

At oemyogawear manufacture, we understand how much transparency matter, for every one of our clients. We are more than happy to share you, what you should keep in mind, when you start your screen printed custom hoodie. Even though, many other custom active wear manufacturer, might not to divulge the detail information, about the screen printing process.

So here, we are going to share you, what you should consider, before your next screen print custom hoodie orders.

Things about the custom design around seams, pockets and zippers

Custom hoodies are much different from, the other types of crew neck sweatshirts. That is because hoodies often tend to have accessories, like pockets and zippers.

For the custom hoodies, which with pockets, seams and zippers, will bring the challenge for screen printing, as the surface is no flat,  for the printing process. That is why it is so important, to pay more attention, to your custom printed pattern’s placement and sizing, through your creation custom made hoodies.

We want your amazing custom printed hoodies, including the screen print part, to be perfect as you intended. So when cooperate with us, our design team, will always provide you the suggest guidance,  when we check the print pattern, will not work perfect, on the placement you choose.

The Process for screen printed custom made hoodies

We will go through the screen printing process one step. To better show, why hoodies with pockets, seams and zippers, will bring something problematic, when manufacture your custom made hoodies.

The first thing, during the custom screen printing process, is building the screen. It is the one which is the mesh stencils, that are the reverse image of your printed logo or desired pattern.

Then, we will lay the screen over the hoodies. And using the high tech apparel press technology, to squeegee the ink into the hoodies’ fabric. And repeat this process, when your design pattern includes other custom elements. Finally, your screen printed custom hoodies, are ready once we finalize the last screen.

During the whole screen printing process, it is always matter a lot. That the hoodies need be as flat as possible, in order to make sure the most vivid and clarity, with your custom print hoodies. So, that is why the seams are absorbing the ink differently, than other part of the hoodies. Printing the pattern on the hoodies’ seams, will lead potentially to unevenness of the pattern. That is why you are told that printing on the seams are not recommended.

For darker apparel hoodies, it is common to develop the white underbase, helps to bring our the vivid ink colors as much as possible.

Screen printed custom hoodie

The screen printed pattern, work well on the backside of custom hoodies, as it provides the flat and nice surface. However, there still have many different print placement option for recommend, please keep in touch of our blog update and our ins page. We will share the printing placement of the screen printed custom hoodies.

We, the specialized yoga wear manufacture, have helped countless startups and businesses, with the custom made hoodie, and all types of sportswear custom service. Always feel free to contact us online, to learn more about the screen print custom hoodies.

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