Women Workout Wear

With the rise of sports and leisure, women workout wear become the perfect combination of functionality and cuteness. It is clear that it’s impossible to wear T-shirts and trousers at the gym nowadays. Read this blog to find out exactly what you need when shopping for comfort and functionality gym clothing.

When buying workout clothing for gym, you need to see the features of the garments and how they can help you in your next exercise. Here’s a list of women’s workout wear and things to keep in mind during purchasing.


Female Workout Leggings:

When buying custom yoga pants that you plan to wear in the gym, you need to make sure that your women workout wear possess with the following characteristics:

Breathable—It’s important to wear breathable sports tights because you don’t want to get suffocated while doing HIIT. So the next time you buy female workout leggings, look for the styles add with mesh panels that improves breathability and provides optimal breathability.

Moisture wicking fabric—Both men and women don’t want to feel uncomfortable in wet clothes, so the next time you buy leggings, make sure the legging is made of a sweat-wicking fabric. This kind of fabric keeps you dry and makes your overall workout more comfortable.

High waistThe leggings should feel like a second skin and have a high waist for offering  additional support when doing squat.

Seamless designIt means that the female workout leggings sewn up with no seams or stitches, providing a smooth, friction-free and flexible layer that makes it easy to complete your workout.

Women Workout Wear

Lady’s Sports Bra:

The main thing to keep in mind when buying a sports bra is to make sure it can provide the right support. The breast is soft tissues, not muscles. Therefore, they are supported by the surrounding skin. A good sports bra can halve your exercise. A good sports bra depends on the type of bras you use.

A sports bra with a separate cup is suitable for women with larger breasts than compression bras. In this case, it is best to choose a sports bra built in with padding. The racerback design bring your chest closer to your body with extra support. Added with a buckle at back for tighten the straps to get better support. This is especially important if you are possess heavy breasts. Choose a high-impact sports bra while exercising.

Whether you’re weightlifting or running, your bra should be suitable to support you. It’s also important to get a sports bra made of sweat-absorbing material to make your workout more comfortable. Therefore, the next time you buy a sports bra, keep all these things in mind. Remember to choose comfortable fabrics and designs to keep your style in line with trends.


Women workout wear: Fitness Shorts, Crop Tops and Jackets

Fitness shorts may be an integral part of any fitness wear. The mobility and breathability of sports shorts is ideal for any exercise. Whether you’re running a mile or squatting, sports shorts are an essential item. Be sure to buy wicking and flexible shoes to increase the efficiency of your exercise.

Crop tops: Nowadays the crop top designs are stylish, comfortable, and breathable. It is advisable to choose a crop top that is not too loose to avoid interferes from exercise and equipment.

Jacket: During your workout, the last thing you want to do is wear a jacket! However, it is worth investing in a jacket that is suitable for exercise. Jackets is easy to create a relaxing and casual outlook!


Women Workout Wear Factory:

Our women workout wear is a series of carefully selected styles that is specially designed to fit your lifestyle. These products are specially designed for the female body shape as all our designs focus on “fitting”. Xiamen Xinyi Apparel sportswear and casual wear provide with a variety of leggings, tops and bras and jackets, perfect for a relaxing day at home and ideal for busy working days.

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