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You may think running sports bra may seem a little bit expensive, regular bras are much economic compared with sports bras. However, in reality, you paid a little more on these bras are due to the special design and constructions are not available in other bra styles. These bras are made of high-tech fabric to remove sweat from the skin and keep it dry. If you need a comfortable and affordable running sports bra, Xinyi Apparel is here to provide best choices for you. Put on your sports bras with the custom yoga pants, start your running today!

When performing sports activities such as running, fitness and sports, women should wear bras with appropriate support to prevent sagging breasts. Do you know whether it is really important to wear a running sports bra while exercising? The answer is yes! It is very important to wear a running bra when jogging and a supportive sports bra at the gym. The running sports bra are stronger than regular bras and can minimize breast movement and reduce discomfort. Many women wear sports bras to relieve the pain and physical discomfort caused by breast movements during exercise.


Running Sports Bra providing the support needed for girls

Every time you take a step, your chest moves up and down. Such situation happens no matter what kind of body shape you are, but the larger the bust is, the greater the degree of bounce. This can be uncomfortable and painful, and can be exacerbated by regular bras. Especially those with underwires, which might pierce the breast and damage muscle tissue. Prolonged use of such kind of underwired bras while running can cause irreversible damage, reduce breast stiffness and support structure, even cause sagging and deformity. It’s time to a new sports bra for running if you are still wearing with underwired bras.

Xinyi Apparel sports bras collection provide the support you need while running. Our collections are specially designed for jogging. In contrast to regular bras that support the chest from underbust, the shape and textile composition of our running sports bra helps to “wrap” the chest, limit horizontal movement, and absorb impact. With wide shoulder straps evenly distribute weight and prevent pressure on the shoulders. Running sports bras proved to provide around 28% more supportive compared with regular ones.

running sports bra


Bras Comfortable for Running:

Get support from underbust is great! But, it shouldn’t compromise with comfort. Everyone hopes to keep comfort during running, that’s why our design team pays special attention to two things: scratches and sweating.

Our running sports bra series applied with anti-sweating textile. The cross straps are free for movement, especially between the shoulder blades. The seamless technology helps reduce the risk of scratches during long-term wearing.

The most commonly seen sports bras are basically designed as vests with bottom cut off.  While the compression bra is designed to push your breasts towards your chest to reduce movement and bouncing during exercise. Other regular bras are woven in a circular pattern to provide a variety of stretch and support. Typical designs use stretchable absorbent fabrics such as lycra. This is intended to reduce irritation by allowing sweat to escape from the skin. Running sports bras are very suitable for women who wear corsets. These sports bras are available in specific sizes and can be adjusted for a better fit and support.

Get off the sports bra that makes you painful and uncomfortable! Styles such as xinyi sports bra collections are designed to provide all the comfort and support you would expect from a running bra without giving in to the woman. Click our website and get a inquiry today!

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