Recycled Active Wear–Transfer Plastic to Costumes

Today consumers are pay more attention on sustainability, now it’s a great time to consider looking for custom women’s recycled active wear. Sustainability is the future, not only the trend.

The application of recycled plastics in custom active wear is a great way to show your sustainability efforts in a very realistic and visible way. The best recycled collection for your training wear made with lightweight, breathable fabrics that don’t make training difficult even if your training wear doesn’t fit well.

Everyday, millions of PET bottles are consumed daily. People are working hard to recycle them and find innovative ways to prevent them from reaching landfills and our oceans. We know that we need products that perform well without damaging the planet. It is this mission that has led to the lineup of recyclable custom gym wear and women’s recycled active wear. Our recycled apparel product collections are lightweight and breathable. Making them ideal for sports and training.


What is Recycled Active Wear?

Women’s active wear is usually made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, which is an artificial polymer. these fabrics are a type of plastic. Experts predict that more than 98% of future fiber production will be synthetic, so it’s important to look for sustainable options. One option is to recycle polyester. You can create more sustainable sportswear by recycling used PET bottles and recycled cotton. In this way, we can create a more sustainable lifestyle.


Environmental Impact of Recycled Active Wear

Application of recycled polyester is an excellent way to improve the environmental impact of active wear. Recycled active wear is an amazing innovation in the recycling of plastic bottles and is one step closer to solving the plastic crisis. However, recycled active wear is not 100% perfect from an environmental point of view as it generates microplastics during the washing process.

Microplastics are one of the inevitable problems with sportswear made of synthetic and recycled materials.

In some cases, women’s active wear is a must. If so, recycled active wear is a great choice. However, if sports wear is not a must have item for you, we recommend one of the options for organic cotton gym clothing made from natural materials that do not produce microplastics.

Recycled Active Wear

The advantages of using recycled plastic and recycled cotton are:

Reuse plastic that is thrown away in landfills.

Reduce the amount of waste enter into landfill.

Avoid carbon dioxide emissions associated with the cultivation and processing of new cotton.

Reduce the amount of land required to grow cotton.


How to customize sportswear made from recycled fabrics?

Actually, the customize way for sports wear are generally similar to traditional sportswear. Send us your design pack and size range request, color request, total quantity. If possible, your target price or budget as well. Then factory will double check the costs for you and once prices confirmed, proceeding to next step–sampling and fitting. Proceed to bulk production until the style design detail, quality and fitting of the pre-production sample is confirmed to make sure everything is perfect.

Besides, if you are just starting your own brand, and the order quantity are not big yet. Don’t worry, our factory supply ready to ship cargos as well, which is able to print with your own logos. Just select your favorite styles from our inventory list, and give us your logo information, then we can print it on our recycled active wear accordingly and send out for your checking. Worried about the MOQ? Our MOQ for custom logo just 50pcs, so, it’s not a problem.

Welcome to get a catalog from us today!

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