Our Wholesale Men’s T-shirts Inventory List

Why are wholesale men’s T-shirts loved by people all over the world? Well, this is causing by the design of the T-shirt. Every season there is new fashion trends.

For a long time, the casual and leisure look of wholesale men’s T-shirt makers has been trying to provide us with sports and casual, and everything in between. Wholesale men’s T-shirt fashion is about being able to change in different ways to create a myriad of styles and still maintain the spirit of being the longest choice for men’s costume.

A garment item that never goes out of date is a “T-shirt.” Whether it’s a patterned T-shirt, a plain oversized T-shirt, or a snug T-shirt, wholesale men’s T shirts are always a trend and warmly loved by people of all ages.

Our factory provides with various sports and casual wear products, today, let’s us introduce our wholesale men’s T shirts inventory list for you, and highly welcome you to get contact with us for getting a catalog for your store.


Mens Hooded T-shirt

T shirt design with a hoodie is modern and cool, perfect for sleep or lounging in and outside the house. Made from stretch-knit fabric, our sporty hooded pullover men’s T shirt makes a soft and smart impression.

Printed T-shirt

From customized prints to popular slogans, put your favorite cartoon or beloved one into your shirt to get your own personalized wholesale men’s T shirt. Combine with a pair of smart sneakers and blue jeans to balance the overall look. There are various prints available in our inventory list, from floral print, tie dye print, strip print to personalize print, all are available in our factory.

Wholesale Men's T shirt

Wholesale Mens T-shirt With Pocket

What is called pocket design T shirts? Simply speaking, usually there is a pocket on the left chest of the T-shirt. Pockets are a fascinating decoration, and when it’s decorated in a harmonious tone, it can adds liveliness feelings for the overall look.


Mens Classic Plain T-shirts

Men’s classic plain T-shirts are a must have for men’s wardrobes. Such kind of T shirt is easily to match for outside and inside activity, and never runs out of fashion, that’s why they become classical items for a reason. Nothing is more fun than someone wearing a perfectly fitted white T-shirt.

In the other side, classic plain T-shirts are versatile and full of possibilities. You can create any logos on it, dye into any colors you’d prefer to launch your own T-shirt collections.

Despite of the different designs of wholesale men’s T shirts, there are T-shirts available in various fits.


lets take a look on the fits in the following:

A worse fitting T-shirt may lead to a fundamental disruption to fashion. While a well fitted T-shirt will create an excellent look. Well fitting means that the T-shirt needs to fit comfortably on the torso, have enough space for air to circulate, and be able to complement your body shape.


Wholesale Mens T-shirt—Muscle Fit

The men with muscled, wide-shoulders can take full advantage of these firm muscles to fit a T-shirt. Fitness enthusiasts can show off their best assets while rocking their wholesale muscular T-shirts. Perfect for pair up with cotton gym pants for your exercise.


Wholesale Mens T-shirt—Loose Fit

Loose fit T shirt have been revived since the late 90’s and more surprisingly, they are located in the slim-fitting high-fashion men’s wardrobe nowadays. However, keep in mind that loose fit style does not  means a large piece. In stead, it’s the looseness at sleeves and wider in the overall area.

If you are considering investing in wholesale men’s T shirts for your business, wisely to contact a reputation manufacturer in the industry and select your favorite ready to ship piece for ordering.

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