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Regardless of what kind of body shape you are, high support zip up sports bra provides a stable condition during exercise. Wondering what kind of sports bras you need? Well, it depends on what you are doing and what cup size you are. To meet the increasing market demand for sports bras, our factory offering various ready to ship zip up sports bra collections for your selection. The trendy designs make it hot sellers in Australia. Today, let’s learn more about zip up sports bras in the following:


Why Choose Zip Up Sports Bra?

The full front zipper makes sports bras easy to put on and take off, so you don’t have to wear a tight sports bra overhead. Tip: Close the front buckle first, then zip up to make sure it’s safe for training. This is an easy way to make your life easier.


Prevent Pain by Wearing Zip Up Sports Bra

Feeling tortured from chest pain? As you know, during exercise, there are many movements such as moving up, down, left and right in your chest and tissues. All of these actions can cause damage to the breast tissue. Most of them are irreversible.

By wearing sports bras, it’s not just a trendy sportswear, but also provide moderate to strong support, depending on the level of support selected. They minimize bouncing on your breasts, shape the breasts nicely, and provides extra support to your delicate breast tissue without restrictions.

Our sports bras are designed and manufactured with premium mesh, fabrics and details. The special cut fits perfectly on the body and prevents friction. Besides, thanks to an active sweat management system dedicated to sports bras, your skin stays comfortable and dry as your workout begins to heat up.

zip up sports bra

How to choose the right bra for big boobs?

Women with large breasts benefit from low impact activities such as yoga and walking, as well as get support from high impact sports such as cycling and HIIT. The most effective high support sports bra is a combination of cup size, underwire and wide straps. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a high support zip up sports bra:

Fit: Sports bras should be well fitted, but do not squeeze your boobs. In order to find the best bra, start by simply checking that you are wearing the right size.

Design Type: Great for women to put on with a full cup design. The full round cup bra lifts and supports each breast individually. sports bras applied with compression and encapsulation designs provide more support for your breast than regular one.

Cups: Zip Up sports bra with built-in molded cups fits your breast more perfectly and highlight your nice body shape.

Straps: Shoulder straps are an important factor when choosing a sports bra that enriches your bust. The wide straps provide support without digging into your shoulders. Adjustable shoulder straps are great for custom fits and adds comfort to your shoulders.

Closure: When choosing the sports bra, look for a hook-and-eye closure on the front or back. This provides adjustable support and the back button and front zipper make it easy to put on and take off.


Xiamen Xinyi Apparel:

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