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A functional and supportive sports bra can improve your overall performance, no matter high-intensity exercise, running, stretching, or exercise that requires jumping, bending, etc. Sports bras have become fashionable sportswear for fitness enthusiasts because they provide ample support and comfort. If you are a business owner eager to collect your sports bra collection, you must establish a connection with one of China‘s gym clothing manufacturing companies. The attractive inventory of such gym wear manufacturers can offer well-designed supportive sports bras.

Wearing the right sports bra benefits a lot for our exercising, today let’s talk about how to find the right sports bras. Here listed below are some of the main factors to consider when buying a supportive sports bra.


Very good support

Light and high intensity exercise requires a very supportive sports bra to prevent breast pain and sagging. Encapsulated sports bras can provide ample support for large breasts. And, as you know, compression sports bras can provide commendable support to any fitness enthusiast.


Proper closure

Depending on your preference, you can choose a pullover sports bra or a bra with a buckle or zipper. Emphasize that sports bras with buckles and zips are especially suitable for exercise. This is primarily due to its easy to put on and off. Besides,  additional adjustments provides maximum comfort and support as well.



Cross over straps, H-straps, halter straps, etc..There are a variety of styles of sports bras available. But the design of the strap is also a matter of personal taste. You can pair your jacket with an adjustable sports bra to fit your breast size.


Choose Supportive Sports Bra According to Your Activity Types

The type of activity you engage in also determines the type of sports bra you need. For example, a sports bra with extra pads can protect your collarbone during weightlifting and other high intensity exercises. To prevent abrasions during intense aerobic combat, you should choose a very comfortable and smooth sports bra that can easily perform various arm movements.

If you are a retailer looking for fashionable supportive sports bras, we recommend that you’d better rely on a leading gym clothing manufacturer. Such as a reliable manufacturing unit that has a detailed inventory of sports wear. This includes unbranded men’s sportswear and fashionable unbranded women’s gym clothing. Then you can use a well-designed, high-quality sports bra to soothe the fashion-seeking female fitness army.

Supportive Sports Bra

Testing Your Supportive Sports Bra

Try all the movements you normally perform during exercise, such as jumping, running in place, moving your arms, and worshiping the sun. Perform a normal exercise routine as what you usually do.

During exercising, make sure that:

  • Keep your breasts in place and do not try to escape from the sides or front.
  • The lower strap does not move no matter how you twist or rotate it.
  • It will not be rubbed or scratched.
  • The bra is not injured, pulled or scratched by splitting.

Finally, when choosing a bra, remember that if you feel comfortable during your movements test, you may already found a sports bra that suits you. If you hesitate, it may not be the best choice.


Supportive Sports Bra Manufacturer:

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