Key Points for Buying Eco Friendly Yoga Leggings

Would like to buy eco friendly yoga leggings, but don’t know what makes yoga wear more environmentally friendly? Here are tips for custom yoga pants:

Key Points to keep in mind when buying eco-friendly yoga wear:

A list of things to keep in mind when buying eco-friendly yoga wear. They are:

– What is the leggings fabric

– Where is the factory that manufactures leggings?

– How are leggings dyed and how is wastewater treated – what are the working conditions in these factories?

– Is it a worker who is a manufacturing worker? Your leggings paid a reasonable wage

– Are the leggings of high quality or will they fall apart after being worn several times?

– Does the company provide you with a way to recycle or repair your clothes?

– Transparency of yoga clothing brands you buy clothes

Before you buy eco-friendly yoga leggings, let’s take a closer look at what you should check:


Origin of production:

The location of yoga leggings factories and suppliers is important. Sustainable supply chains are actually more important than final products. In the worst case, leggings are manufactured in one country, the fabric is from another country, then dyed in the third country and shipped to the destination country for sale. Obviously, shipping between countries such as fabric manufacturing, printing, dyeing, sewing and selling as short as possible, making it more environmentally friendly. If you don’t need to ship abroad, if your yoga wear brand operates transparently, they will explain all of this to you so you know exactly where your yoga leggings came from.

Materials to Avoid When Buying ECO Friendly Yoga Leggings:

1)Viscous fiber, also known as rayon-Traditional

2)cotton fabric

3)Pure polyester or nylon

Packaging and transportation Material for ECO Friendly Yoga Leggings

Sustainable brands choose to use recycled materials for transportation and minimize the use of packaging. Clothing such as leggings does not require multi-layer wrapping, but it should be packaging sturdy shipping box or bags made of recycled materials. The lighter and smaller the package, the less energy is consumed for transportation. Remember that you can reuse all the packaging materials at any time! Use it as a trash bag or reuse these materials when sending birthday gifts to your friends.

Dyeing of Yoga Wear:

Dyeing customized yoga wear requires a lot of water, energy and chemicals. These chemicals are released into wastewater from dyeing and textile mills in China, India and Bangladesh. Chemicals cause skin diseases and respiratory problems to many workers.

eco-friendly yoga pants

Fair working conditions

From a sustainability perspective, there is no room for negotiation to pay people’s wages with living standard. All companies have to pay their employees fairly. Otherwise, you will be taking the advantage of the person who only want to survive. Many yoga wear garment workers in poorer areas buy clothing from major fast fashion retailers and are almost unpaid in a safe and unsanitary working environment. Choosing yoga leggings made in China, they are probably sewing up under fair working conditions.

Carelabel of ECO Friendly Yoga Leggings:

Check the care label to see if the factory manufacturer leggings are machine washable at low temperatures. As you know, no one likes to wash clothes by hand, and rinsing yoga sets may require more water than using a machine.


Some brands donate a portion of their profits to those in need and work with major charities to raise awareness of the various causes. Every time you buy, some of the profits are invest to a mission they are deeply concerned about. You do not only support sustainable products, but also have a mission to transcend the fashion industry. To determine transparency, consider asking the brand about the exact percentage of sales donated to a charity and asking what the donated funds provide.

Use renewable energy

Every stage of the textile industry’s supply chain consumes a lot of energy, from yarn processing, fabric manufacturing, textile manufacturing to the transportation and sale of garments to customers. By using renewable energy at all stages of the supply chain, you can minimize carbon dioxide emissions from yoga wear brands. In this case, the yoga wear brand may notify you on the web page!

In the end:

It is important to support companies that are serious about changing the standards of the apparel industry by making more environmentally friendly choices in every aspect of their product cycle. Our responsibility as consumers is to be curious and dig deeper to shop responsibly. Thank you for choosing environmental protection!

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