Petite Yoga Pants for Short Women

Looking for the best petite yoga pants? If you are petite and like exercise, you are in the right place for the custom yoga pants! Whether you are a yogi or not, you know the importance of wearing a well-fitted yoga pants.

Most of us wear yoga pants outside of yoga classes! Are you still doing errands and wearing yoga leggings to pick up the kids from school? Are you wearing them to do household chores at home? Would you like to wear yoga pants and have a Sunday brunch with your girlfriend after class? In this case, stylish and comfortable yoga pants are essential for active and busy people.

Small size yoga pants

For the short women who doing hot yoga. The yoga pants have to withstand heat, sweat and washing for several hours a week. So I was looking for new yoga pants for short women. Yes, the keyword here is “short woman”, which is the beginning of frustration.

Petite women are most difficult crowd to buy small size yoga dress. That means, everything from small trench coats to small pajamas to small sweatpants. Basically, anything, including hem and inseam length, can challenge petite people. Factory made yoga leggings are no exception.

That’s why I put this article together to see the best options for small size yoga pants. First, we’ll show you which types of yoga pants are the most complimenting yoga pants for short women.

The best petit yoga pants style–High Rise

For short people, always choose a high-waisted style such as skirts, dresses and pants. Use the same concept when looking for yoga pants for short girls. Why?

The high waist design is higher than the natural waistline, making your legs look longer and taller. They are the best partners for short / short tops. This design is accepted by many fitness brands not only because it is more flattering, but also because it is more comfortable and more suitable for wearing during exercise. Who wants to worry about exposing their underwear when you doing exercises on a yoga mat?

Small high-waisted yoga pants are perfect for short tops. Most petite women have a short torso, so ordinary tops may look like skirt on you. This not only unpleased petite girls, but also inconvenient for good exercise when you need to be able to move fast. Choose the tailored top that suits you. The combination of a short top and high-waisted petit yoga pants creates the illusion of long legs.

Tailored design custom yoga pants with mesh:

Mesh panel design is not only popular at present, but also a very flattering yoga pants design for short girls. Why? By exposing the small part of skin under the mesh panel incision, the legs look longer.

petite yoga pants

Dark solid color yoga leggings

The dark solid color yoga pants make your legs look slender. One way to make your legs look longer and thinner is to choose small dark sportswear. Dark colors are compressed, making your legs look thinner.

Smaller scale print

For petite women, choosing the right print is very important for small factory made yoga pants. The solid color is great and is generally very flattering for petite women. If you like prints, choose smaller prints that are proportional to the frame of your body. Larger prints tend to overwhelm short girls and make you look smaller. If you are wearing a printed top, it is advisable to wear small plain yoga pants for balance. The reverse is also true.

Bell-Bottomed Gym Pants

Whether petite or not, we all want to make our legs look longer and slender. We recommend adding a few inches in your heels . But if you’re exercising and can’t wear high heels, how do you reach this goal? The secret is to wear bell-bottomed gym pants. Bell-bottom styles are generally suitable for all body types, especially small ones. When you wear flared pants, your legs will look longer immediately.

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