How to Reuse Your Old Custom T-shirts

What happens when your custom T-shirts are worn out? T-shirts may not be expensive, but environmental costs is high. From planting and harvesting cotton to weaving and manufacturing, dyeing with toxic chemicals, and long-distance transportation, printed T-shirts have an impact on the environment. According to data from the Australian News, garment is Australia’s fastest growing household waste. In 2013, Australians sent $ 500 million of clothing to wasteyard.

Only about 18% of clothing is recycled. This is mainly done by charity shops that resell high quality clothing and ship low quality clothing to developing countries abroad. This helps the community to some extent, but some people think it’s a way to move the trash.

What can you do to reduce the waste of clothing?

To avoid impulse purchases, focus on what you need, not what you want now.

Buy less clothes, but choose high-quality clothes that you can wear over and over again.

Choose a classic style that won’t be easily out of fashion.

Dispose of dirt immediately and take care of your clothes.

Extend the useful life of your garment by sharing it with friends, exchanging it, and buying second hand clothing.

Learn how to repair and redesign your clothes and lead a whole new life.

Upgrade your Custom T-shirts:

Made from knit fabric, T-shirts is a woven fabric with little damage, making them ideal for reuse. Upgrades are another interesting and creative way to extend the life of your textile by delaying your trip to the landfill. Check out these ideas for upgrading recycled custom T-shirts and then gather a group of friends to participate in ecological crafts!

How to upgrade an old Printed T-shirt:

Want to find new uses for old and beloved T-shirts? I have good news. You can use old T-shirts to create almost endless possibilities. Check out some of our favorite upgrade T-shirt ideas:

Weave a T-shirt into a basket, bowl, or rug

If you have a lot of old T-shirts to use, you can cut them into strips, weave them, and sew them into an basket, bowl, or carpet. You can use these colorful storage and decoration options anywhere in your home and will definitely brighten your space.

Create a stylish headband

The material of the T-shirt is soft and elastic, so it is very suitable for headbands. It is also very easy to use and does not worn out easily. In recent years, headbands have been revived and are now available in a variety of styles to choose from.

Make a cute plant hanger

Did you know that you can make a lace plant hanger from an old T-shirt in 30 minutes? !! Sounds like a great activity to spend the night with friends!

Sew the Custom T-shirt into a cool patchwork pillow

We’ve all seen the standard T-shirt quilt blankets and pillows for a while, but what’s preventing you from making your own fresh T-shirt quilt pillow? Random patchwork patterns ensure a gorgeous and modern look, and no one will doubts it was made from an old T-shirt.

How to recycle old Custom T-shirts

Many companies have established textile recycling programs to reduce the amount of textile waste went into landfill. These programs encourage mail or bring in unwanted clothing for responsible recycling. Many of these companies also offer store credits or discounts as additional rewards for recycling operations. How cool is it !!

Donating Printed T-shirts:

Donating T-shirts to local charity organization and other thrift shops is always a good option. Churches, homeless shelters, and local outreach centers also usually accept donations of clothing. Be sure to check by phone or online to find out where and how donations are currently accepted. You may have run out of your old T-shirts, but some people will benefit a lot from having them. Donations are very helpful and very important.

Finding a way to reuse old T-shirts can help you be creative, save money and reduce the amount of textile waste dumped in landfills. We hope that this list of DIY ideas will help you turn unwanted items into new and exciting ones. Thank you for taking the time to make small changes that will have a major impact on our planet.

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