Unbranded Gym Fitness Sets

Unbranded gym fitness sets means that there is no brand or logo showing on the clothes, the garment is not branded. Branded gym fitness sets are usually designed by famous designers. These garments are always of high quality but expensive and not available to all consumers and garment retailers. However, unbranded gym clothing is much cheaper and if you find a good fitness wear supplier or manufacturer, this will not affect the quality of your clothing. Brands simply mean higher prices and usually have a more fashionable design.


Benefits of Unbranded Fitness Sets Wholesale

Wholesale of unbranded fitness wear is different from branded clothing companies and retailers. Clothing companies mainly design and manufacture clothing for sale to retailers such as department stores, specialty stores and discount stores.

Usually these companies have licenses to manufacture certain branded products. One license can cover multiple products. In some cases, a garment company may only have the right to manufacture a particular product under a particular brand, such as a jacket or shirt, and may exclude other product lines such as trousers or underwear. Production is usually outsourced to developing countries, where labor costs are lower than in the North America and Europe.

Brands with a reputation for good quality and fancy styles are very popular among consumers. Apparel companies with many well-known brands have a competitive advantage in the industry. However, this is not always their advantages. During difficult economic conditions and financial crises, customers may look to similar products with cheaper costs to save money.

In most cases, wholesale unbranded garments are cheaper than branded garments. This means that it is generally more profitable for the seller. Branded products and private label products compete for shelf space throughout the business cycle.  There are more possibilities for dealing with the fitness wear that are unbranded. However, if you buy wholesale branded clothing, some designs are patented and you cannot add your own brand logo on it.

Turn Unbranded Gym Fitness Sets Into Your Own Private Brand

Small businesses and start-ups are encouraged to sell unbranded sportswear because it is cheap and suitable for more consumers. Today, more and more people are wearing unbranded or small branded fitness wear with proper design, lower prices and comfortable fabric.

More importantly, As a unbranded gym fitness sets manufacturer, we are able to customize unbranded gym fitness sets for you. It means to transfer your design concept to reality, even make mass-production. Our advantage lies not only in the customization of unbranded gym fitness sets, but also custom logo service for your garments so that each piece of garment has your own brand showing. Our factory is able to design and manufacture labels and hang tags for your gym wear and print or display your logo or brand on your package as well. It helps you turn unbranded gym fitness sets into your own private branded garments. In this way, you can sell it at a higher price than completely unbranded clothing.

Unbranded Fitness Gym Sets

How To Create Your Own Logo On Our Unbranded Gym Clothing:

  1. Please send us your logo pictures, sizeand color requirement, and the position where you’d like to put it on.
  2. Will drawmultipleartworks for your selection. We will work with you to achieve the most satisfying artwork done.
  3. 3. Arrange 30% deposit for the products you ordered.
  4. Will arrange bulkproducts according to the plan you finalized.
  5. We will deliverythe bulk products once finished sewing, package and inspection.


Xiamen Xinyi Apparel, we are a professional manufacturer of gym fitness wear. Our product line includes yoga pants, sports bras, T-shirts, tank tops, women’s shorts, hoodies and jackets for man and women, with over 8 years of export business experience, providing OEM and ODM services.

We will grow together with our valued customers through excellent service and brand quality in line with the trends in sportswear and yoga wear.

We hope that the efforts of our employees will allow more people to enjoy the fun of sports, fitness and yoga.

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