How to Find the Correct Custom Sports Bra

Custom sports bra are not only the perfect bra for exercise on weekend leisure, but also provide support and construction to keep bounces to a minimum and comfortable. When doing activities, sports bras, match with the custom yoga pants, can help us focus on competition, running, or posture.

A sports bra that doesn’t fit is not only useless, but also uncomfortable. To find a private label sports bra with right support, you need to know the size of the bra that is suitable for everyday use first. The study found that 80% of women did not wear the correct size bra. Fortunately, you don’t need a tape measure to determine the optimal size. All you need is a regular bra and a mirror. Or ask a friend to check whether the strap and cup fit.

Here are tips on how to find the correct custom sports bra:

Checking band strap of your custom sports bra:

If the harness rides from back to top, it means that the harness is too loose to provide sufficient support. In that case, reduce the size of the band. If the strap goes deep into your back, the strap is too tight. In this case, increase the band length. If the straps are comfortable but don’t feel tight, you are wearing the correct strap size. Leave it as what it is. Then check how the cup fits and match it with the belt to find the right size.

Checking cups of private label sports bra:

If there is extra space in the chest cup, that means the cup size is too large. If the edge of the cup is full of chest, the size of the cup is too small. As long as the cup fits your chest and does not overflow or open, then the cup size is correct.

Now that you’ve checked the size of your custom sports bra, you need to considering the purpose of wearing a custom sports bra as well. Some women prefer different sports bras, different private label bras offer different degrees of support between light sports such as yoga and Pilates and competition. Whatever you do, make sure it is comfortable and supported.

Custom sports bras

Features of custom sports bra:

Compression of custom sports bra:

Ideal for small and medium cup sizes. A snug-fitting custom sports bra keeps your chest in close contact with your body for a snug fit. These are often made of stretchy, wicking fabrics.


Especially effective for women with full cups. The wrapping and fitting custom bras support each breast separately. These private label sports bras enhance the style of everyday bras with sport-friendly designs and materials.

Mixed Compression & Encapsulation Fit:

Combination of custom sports bras, typically displayed in a sports racerback style, provide package fit support and feature the sportswear look of a compression fit bra.

Elastic Strap:

When properly installed, the strap can support most made in China sports bras. The straps should fit snugly and not ride from behind. If you need more support, look for wider bandwidth. Some sports bra straps are made of brushed elastic material or other sweat-absorbing material.

Shoulder straps:

Adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, but fixed straps usually combine with a pullover design for a compression fit.

Molded cups custom sports bra:

Molded cups add shape, coverage, push up and help prevent uni-boob by providing definition.

Padded Cups private label sports bra:

Padded cups follow the natural shape of the breast, maintaining coverage and providing additional shape. With lightweight, breathable, removable mats, usually dry quickly and are easy to clean.

Closure of custom sports bra:

Some custom sports bras apply with a pullover design without buckles or hooks. However, custom sports bras have a back cover or front cover for easy attachment and detachment. High-support private label sports bras and full-breasted sports bras are usually equipped with front or back hook-and-eye closures.


The flexible underwire provides additional support and shape for the custom sports bra.

Stability of custom sports bra:

Front strap stabilizers reduce bounce and provide additional support.

Moisture wicking material:

Mesh lining provides breathability for your workout.


The mesh material, placed in a sweaty area, provides breathability and keeps you cool during high temperature exercise.

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