Choosing Embroidered logo on Wholesale Blank Gym Clothing

When think of adding the logo on the wholesale blank gym clothing, first one you consider, might be Embroidering logo, which it is show its professional for your customer. Compared with the printed logo on the unbranded gym clothing, which is nothing special. Adding embroidering logo on the gym clothing, will turn it into an expensive version, when you advertising your brand gym clothing collection.

Gym clothing collection which representative for your brand, like t-shirts with embroidered brand logo, is very popular, and also the heat transfer printing logo. You could check our gym clothing collection share here.

No matter you want to add embroidery custom pattern, or simply logo embroidery embellish, embroidery is the ideal option for represent your brand. And here are some information for adding embroidery logo on the blank gym clothing.

The two methods of doing wholesale unbranded gym clothing embroidery

  1. Direct embroidery on the blank gym clothing
  2. Adding the Embroidery Patch on the blank gym clothing( sewing or ironing)

Direct embroidery,  means that you can sewing the embroider pattern or logo, onto the gym clothing fabric. While adding the embroidery patch, is attaching the patches on the gym clothing fabric.

wholesale unbranded gym clothing

The process of unbranded gym clothing embroidery:

First, change the flat graphic photos into the custom pattern of embroidery, by the embroidery program. Then the sewing machine, will embroidered exactly as the instructions envisaged.

And the pricing of embroidery logo, is based on the size and color of your logo or pattern. And they usually priced by the count of stitches it takes, to fulfill your embroidery design. In this way, the more stitches your pattern used, the more expensive you get.

Embroidery of the small pattern or logo, are best to work on the summer blank gym clothing, like t-shirt. Due to the fabric of the t-shirts are tend to be thin, it can not able to accept the large pattern densely done full front side or full back side. Thin fabric with full front side or back side embroidery, will tend to develop holes, sag or pucker with the time.

However, the gym clothing which made by the thicker fabric, or specific gym clothing fabric, you can have the open pattern options or sizes of the areas.

The tips when ordering the Custom Embroidery Logo on the gym clothing:

Since we have ages of experience on the custom service, for the wholesale blank gym clothing. Here are our support project for the new customer on the custom order.

  1. Share you the certain fabrics which will affect the embroidery potentially.

Custom embroidery logo, will always affect the gym garment’s overall look or the feature itself. Like if you add a big direct embroidery logo, on the waistband of yoga pants, it did would affect the stretchness of the waistbands. But if you add the embroidery patches instead, it will fulfill what you want for, while not have an effect on the fabric.

Our design team will always help you go through, the best fabric options when you are planing to do the embroidery.

  1. Help to match the embroidery pattern color on the gym clothing.

You will for sure have the flexible options, through many different options, to complete the your existing custom gym clothing. However, that will costy.

But, cooperate with us, our team will help you on choose the matching color of embroidery logo, on the gym clothing. Also, we will feedback you the trendy color options of the year.

  1. Always hold on your deadline you prefer.

Ordering custom embroidery logo gym clothing, the customers always have a specific deadline. We have the machines and production lines to fulfill your strict deadline.

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