How To Design And Use Barcodes On Your Custom Seamless Yoga Wear

When regarding as that how to manage your Custom Seamless Yoga Wear stock, the answer you received will be adding the barcode stickers. And we believe every individual business or startups, should have the barcode stickers to grow their business.

In this article, we aim to provide how to design and use the barcode on your package of the custom yoga pants stock.

When To Start using the barcode for you custom seamless yoga cltothes

Since using the barcode will reducing the risk of mistake by manually, saving time to take the accurate inventory number, it will end with growing your yoga wear brand.

Then how to decide if your yoga wear brand, need to using the barcodes stickers on your quality yoga wear. Here are the situations, you might consider using the barcode stickers:

Running a retail yoga wear shop

Need to manage lots of inventory, especially your collection include several color, size and design.

Having multi retail or warehouse locations

Wanting more accurate inventory number

Need to track your moving yoga wear package

Having work with other yoga wear shop

wanting to grow the yoga wear brand

Want to speed up the checkout time

Wanting to be more professional

What barcode option you have for the custom seamless yoga wear?

There are over 10 types of barcodes all over the world, which serve for the different purposes.Here are the most popular barcode type: UPC-A, Code 128, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN-13, etc.

Barcodes sticker for the global retail yoga wear

UPC barcodes stickers for yoga wear: common used by the North America, UK, and Australia. UPC-A barcode is the standard one, include 12 numbers, while UPC-E only have 6 numbers.

EAN barcodes, now are used in majority of Europe coutries, Asia, and Latin America. And EAN-13 are contain 13 numbers while EAN-8 is only 8 numbers.

Barcodes for inner reatail yoga wear

Code 39 and code 128 barcode are the one design for the internal inventory and small retail shop. They allow letter, numbers, spaces and symbols. And they are no character limit, compared with the UPC barcode and EAN barcodes.

QR codes, is also the ideal sticker on your yoga wear. If you want the barcode sticker contain the content, such as your contact information, website, brand yoga wear catalog.

How to Create the Barcodes stickers for your quality yoga wear

Designing your own barcode stickers is easier than you might expect. And here is the steps

  1. Come up with which codes type you want
  2. Before figure out the number or letter you use for the barcode, consider which information are important for the distinguish, like sizes, design, material, color of the yoga wear.
  3. Create the standard formula which follow the format rules, like size first, and then design, color.

P.S: for the code you create, here are something need to be in mind:

-Avoid the easily misread numbers and letters. Like Number 1 and letter lowercase L and capital I, zero and capital O.

– Use abbreviate as possible. that will keep you barcodes short.

  1. Create the barcode graphic. Use the barcode generator, to easily the suitable code and create the barcode stickers.

How to place the barcode stickers on your yoga wear

Please note that the barcode stickers should be put on a clear and conspicuous location of your yoga wear. Here are the location recommend:

– Put at least 0.8 cm from the seam and the packaging fold. ( cause your scanners can not read the code around corners)

– Always placing in the smooth or consistently curved surface.

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