Getting to Know Factory Wholesale Yoga Pants

If you are looking for the appropriate opportunity to purchase factory wholesale yoga pants, let us help you to understand the key points about custom yoga pants. Yoga is not only a physical exercise, but also a long history, profound philosophy tradition. A well-fitted yoga pants is essential to start your journey with yoga practice. This passage will introduce the main points of factory wholesale yoga pants for you.

Basic introduction of global factory wholesale yoga pants

Generally speaking, the global yoga pants market is steadily rising since the year of 2011 and been predicted that will keep rising in the following years, which has been proved to be true.

It is reported that, in 2017, America demands for yoga pants overwhelming higher than jeans for the first time, and the situation lasts until today. Obviously, there is profit for factory wholesale yoga pants.

Basic introduction of made in China yoga legging

China is one of the biggest and most fastest growing market for yoga legging. Driven by multi-factors, such as the young generation born after 2000, the positive lifestyle and development of sports events. As a result, yoga legging market expanded as a epitome of Chinese lifestyle evolution nowadays.

Different types of yoga pants

Length is the first consideration point when purchasing customized yoga pants.

For example, full length yoga legging extend itself to the bottom of the leg. It’s the first choice under cooling whether. Full length legging prevent athletes from harsh cold whether by maintain heat inside. It’s a good recommendation for your customer when whether turns cold.

High Waist & Mid-Waist

Besides length, there are high waist and mid-waist designs as well. Choose the one you like for your sports activities accordingly.


Another major element affected legging option is thickness. If the leggings too thick, may results in weak breathability, not comfort enough for exercising. The better tights selection for practicing should be lightweight, allows people to stretch their body entirely. But should ensure that the fabric quality is thicker enough to cover your skin.


Colors are also an important factor needs to be considerate when buying yoga pants. If your exercise is intense, it will cause huge sweating. In this case, you’d better avoid wearing light-colored yoga leggings in case embarrassed situation occurred. In stead, you should choose the darker option.

Next, you need to know how to find a yoga pants maker to improve your business.

How to find a manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer, we recommend choosing a China-based yoga pants manufacturer. As a major manufacturing country, China has a complete production chain. When you get the same quality products, China can strive for maximum profit margin for you. And the delivery time of Chinese yoga pants manufacturers is often very fast. Looking for manufacturers of yoga pants in China are on the B2B website and the websites of Google search brands.

B2B platform & Brand website

Alibaba: China’s largest trade and export website. You can choose the supplier and manufacturer of yoga pants manufacture from different regions.

Generally speaking, the brand maker websites you can search through Google are pretty professional. It offers features that retail brands don’t usually have, and wholesale prices are low. They bring you better quality leggings and at the same time better quality for you. The profit margin is large. These are more responsive and professional than B2B platforms.

After sale service

Choosing a wholesaler with guaranteed quality yoga pants is very important to your business. With perfect after-sales service, your business doesn’t have to worry and you can establish your brand’s advantage.


Plan the questions you want to ask in advance so that your yoga wear supplier can provide you with an accurate quote. A careful understanding of the prices of yoga pants purchased in bulk can help you grow your sales and increase your profit margins.


Also known as the minimum order quantity, you need to determine the minimum order quantity that can be purchased, such as price, stock, and shipping costs. Please check this information before ordering. This is very important.

Custom made

Many individuals and retailers choose custom yoga pants or print with their own logo to show their style. Therefore, yoga pants manufacturers need to have great customization features.

Production capacity

The production capacity determines the delivery date of the yoga pants manufacturer.

If you’ve been unlucky and have tried to find women’s yoga pants for sale-now you know where to look first. In addition, we offer a small number of OEM and private brands. We offer you the best wholesale yoga pants experience.

We constantly monitor the quality of our products to help our customers get the most out of their sportswear. Please contact us for the latest quotation and consultation. I look forward to working with you.

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