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Design your own custom hoodie and achieve boldness, fresh and unique look. Fashion trends come and go, and things are constantly changing. By personalizing our clothes, we can turn traditional items into evergreen items as they reflect our own essence. This is the way you speak through your eyes. Regardless of age, gender or other criteria, a custom design hoodie is a must have in anyone’s wardrobe. Fluffy and comfortable–everyone loves them!

Custom hoodies are a type of garment that requires the expertise of the manufacturer. They are usually made of stretchy fabrics, which are difficult for tailors to handle. Especially when combined with ornaments and special tailoring. This is also the reason why some manufacturers refuse to customize items that are limited to certain types of clothing. This article will show you how to find a custom hoodie maker, as your first unbranded gym clothing. As long as you know where to find them and the quality you need to find, this is by no means a difficult task.

Main factors for finding the perfect custom hoodie supplier


The birth of e-commerce has paved the way for suppliers and manufacturers. To treat small medium enterprises as customers rather than ignore them. Today, garment manufacturers are only available to small businesses that provide services and guidance. As a customer looking for a custom hoodie maker, there’s never been a better time than today.

Availability of custom hoodie makers

There is no doubt about the availability of custom hoodie makers. But finding the right one for your business is a more difficult dilemma. As you know, small businesses like you have suppliers and manufacturers. But, not all suppliers and manufacturers are suitable for custom hoodie projects. While some of those professional qualities are too high for your budget, others offer low-priced, unqualified jobs or have bad professional ethics.

Quality control

The first factor must be the quality of their work. Perform a background investigation or request a list of past products, to personally understand the quality of their work. Recommendations and feedback from past customers should also be welcomed. This is also an important part of the company’s due diligence process.

Costs and design support

The next important factor is their efficiency and the design support. You’re still starting a custom hoodie project and you don’t have a big budget, so it’s important to choose a supplier that suits your financial situation. It’s also important that the costs of potential custom hoodie manufacturers are transparent, and, there are no unexpected costs in post production. Make sure you get help with your design partner, such as creating the required technical packages and cutting tables.

Minimum order quantity

Last but not least, you need to ask for the minimum order quantity (MOQ) to ensure that, your business model complies with the terms of service. As mentioned above, some garment manufacturers only accept bulk orders and reject small orders. Potential manufacturers need to reduce MOQ as much as possible, because they prefer to order small quantities of custom hoodie projects. It is not recommended to start with a large number. Always go for the trial order first and then improve it one by one.

Other factors on how to find a custom hoodie maker

The main factors mentioned above regarding how to find a custom hoodie maker, such as quality control, company background, costs, MOQ, etc, are standard qualifications when looking for a garment maker. These are all part of the agreement in all manufacturing processes. However, some customers may ignore other factors.

Customer Service

Today, suppliers and manufacturers need to provide customer support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or at least during business hours. The customer cannot personally supervise the production, but he or she sometimes needs to follow up on his or her project. Given the busy schedule of people, today’s suppliers and manufacturers need to provide open customer service. The manufacturer must not only let the customer make all the decisions, but also be able to provide input and prompts about the project (such as choosing the right fabric). This move shows that they not only rely on the product for service charges, but also care about the success of the product.

Long term commitment

Another important factor is the manufacturer’s long-term commitment to the project. Suppliers and manufacturers should not consider each project’s approach to custom hoodie products, but should treat them as carefully crafted and advanced products to succeed in the market. They need to do everything in their power to provide service and support, as well as leave the rest of the responsibility to the project owner.

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