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If you are engaged in the sports apparel trade, then our custom service of sportswear can help your business very well. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Sports is a good way to keep fit and keep healthy, So more and more people like sports. It is important to wear professional sportswear during exercise. However, when some large group sports events are held. Or some customers have special requirements for sportswear. Our custom services of sportswear can help you solve these problems. Today, I’m going to introduce you to our company’s four special custom services.

The benefits of custom sportswear

As you know, customized sportswear can make the group look neat and beautiful. People feel a greater sense of responsibility and community when they wear custom-made sportswear. Besides, custom services can meet specific needs. The customized sportswear will comprehensively consider the theoretical properties, biological properties and processing properties of materials according to the requirements. In terms of style design, customized sportswear will be based on sports characteristics, with reasonable version and appropriate color. In the process of processing, the custom service helps the clothes to be cut accurately, sew firmly. And complete specifications, smooth ironing molding, fine packaging. In addition, low price is another advantage of custom service. 

Different fabrics different effects

The first custom service is the custom fabric service. Different fabrics will bring different effects to clothes .Thus bring different feelings to the human body. Generally speaking, cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex are the most commonly used fabrics to make sports clothes. Among them, cotton is skin-friendly, warm and durable. And cotton is more environmentally friendly, more comfortable for the human body. Nylon has excellent wear resistance. It is not easy to damage and washable after being made into clothes. Polyester fabric fiber strength is stable, wrinkle resistance is strong. Spandex, on the other hand, has excellent elasticity. You can choose different fabrics according to your design idea of clothes.

Custome Sportswear

Custom colors highlight unique

The second special custom service is the custom color service. The use of color is the basis of clothing design. Color can play a great role in appearance. for example, black clothing can make a person look slim. Bright colors such as red and yellow can add a sense of vitality. If we can customize colors for different types of customers, different sports scenes and different trends. This will greatly increase the attractiveness of sportswear to consumers and increase sales. In order to better meet your requirements, we will provide color cards of hundreds colors for you to choose .

Custom sizes for different customer

The third special customization service is the custom sizing service. Clothing size is the basis of clothing modeling. And the specific size relationship between each part of clothing and the corresponding part of the human body is very important for the fitting requirements of clothing. We have a detailed size list for each different style of sportswear. You can choose the size you need according to the data on the size chart. Or you can provide your own size data to us, and we will also provide custom services for you.

Belong to own design—Logo

The fourth special design is the custom logo design. The most special design on sportswear is the logo design. All you need to do is provide a design drawing of your logo and then tell us where you would like it printed on the sportswear. In our custom service, We will provide different logo materials and different logo printing methods. Such as PVC logo ,embroidery logo and so on.

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If you are looking for the suitable custom sportswear then we are your best choice. We, Xiamen Xinyi apparel company,  have been in the sports apparel business for a long time. We have a professional team to meet your custom requirements. Just click the link to our website and contact our sales man. Now is the perfect opportunity to start your businesss.

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