Women’s hoodies: from sportswear to streetwear      

Women’s hoodies are not new nowadays. It only looks new because of how we wear it, and because the cotton hoodie fashion itself has become more eclectic or acceptable. Today, everything is related to street and personal styles, emphasizing the “everything is possible” mantra.

the rise of unbranded hoodie with zipper is due to people’s obsession with fitness / sports clearly transcends the body recently. Gym Fashion is also known as sportswear. Today, almost all the sportswear are fashionable and cool, you can wear women’s hoodies outside the gym. In addition, custom leggings, crop tops, mesh fabrics, baseball caps and sports pants are all part of a very relaxed and chic style.

Why do I need to change sets of clothes a day? Because I have to go to work, go to class instead of grocery shopping, and then exercising? That’s why wearing women’s hoodies on public been accepted by society, and it’s now more fashionable to wear cool hoodies in office pair them with more sophisticated and smarter items. It is supposed to be done. Wear a more elegant or basic hoodie with elegant black pants or custom leggings and high heels. It sounds crazy, but it looks beautiful and delicate.

To be honest, it’s no wonder that women’s hoodies became such a big trend these year and continue to be the main fashion look until this day. Sportswear, sports luxury, relaxed fashion, these are the looks that everyone is crazy about.

How do women wear hoodies?

There are two main ways to wear a women’s hoodie:

Exercise look:

The cotton hoodie is perfect for gyms and sporting activities, as well as sportswear perfect for travel and weekend vacations. Sneakers, sweatshirts / leggings / shorts, ladies’ hoodies, baseball caps, etc. are all fashionable, cool, casual and very relaxing.

Street look:

Think of any outfit in the world and match it with your cotton hoodie. More importantly, choose a cotton hoodie instead of a women’s jacket or sweater and always add bold girlish details such as stiletto, red lips, big jewelry and beautiful nails.

Many great girls use cotton hoodies as outerwear with all styles of skirts and high heels, even flat shoes. The appearance is incredibly versatile and stylish.

Another way to wear a women’s hoodie is to design it as a sweater. Blazers and hoodies underneath the leather jacket are the perfect style contrast for sophisticated outfits.

No other layering piece is as good as a hoodie that has been tried and tested. It’s not hard to understand why, every girl needs one in her wardrobe. Women’s hoodies are comfortable and  there are many styles available-it’s impossible to choose just one! If you’re looking for a brand new full zip, a gorgeous pullover, or something in between, we’ll give you the guide you need for choose hoodies.

Choose the best womens hoodie:

Full zip hoodie: A full zip hoodie is a real OG and is what every girl needs in a wardrobe. The classic full zipper is perfect for fashionable tops that you want to show off. The full zipper can be easily pulled up and down for warming up and cooling down without having to remove the hoodie completely. They are absolutely suitable for the weather when all four seasons happen in one day!

Pullover cotton hoodie: Pullovers are an understated favorite of all girls. They are very comfortable and without zippers, just like wearing a blanket. Such styles usually have large front pockets that are great for carrying keys and lip gloss and keeping your hands warm.

Fitness and running hoodie: If you like running, aerobics and weightlifting, a performance hoodie is a must. Unlike regular hoodies, which are usually soft, comfortable and heavy, gym hoodies tend to be smoother, more breathable and lighter. Both styles are comfortable, but the fitness hoodie is better for your workout. Women’s sports hoodies usually have smooth seams that fit the skin and feel soft. Running hoodies protect you from the elements and are usually with reflective elements that make them clearly visible when running early in the morning or in the evening.

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