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This cropped yoga top is made of nylon and nylon, and the short-sleeved tank design gives it a compact design. Bring better body proportions to our body.

Our company has a lot of experience in making this short yoga T-shirt, because we have done a lot of research on this T-shirt for many years, so we can hand over the T-shirt to us for production.

Four needles six threads, flat stitching, heat transfer etc
Durable, breathable, moisture wicking, quick dry, flexible, stretchy
Different kinds of decoration as your requirement
can be custom by the pantone color
Custom logo as your requirement

Custom Cropped Yoga T-Shirt Supplier, This cropped yoga tee is a very popular product right now, especially for those who don’t like to be too revealing. This cropped yoga T-Shirt combines the characteristics of ordinary tops to develop this outer T-shirt that is very suitable for summer. This cropped yoga tee also features a very soft fabric that contrasts with regular fabrics. As well as the use of special process design in tailoring. The design of the round neck accentuates the graceful lines of our neck. The choice of color and size is also very diverse. And this top is also short-sleeved design, which is more suitable for groups who exercise outdoors.The length of this top is not too short or too long, so it is especially suitable for hiding your small belly. And it will also modify our waist line perfectly.

Custom Cropped Yoga T-Shirt Supplier

We support the personal design service on Cropped Yoga T-Shirt:

This cropped yoga T-Shirt, we can support the exclusive customization service. No matter what you need, we can meet any of your needs. You can send us your design artwork or logo pattern. We will provide you with finished product pictures for your reference.

Our company has unique advantages in customizing exclusive services, and has very senior experience in customizing short yoga tops. And we have a very deep research on swollen styles. Committed to serving the whole society.

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