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This is a yoga vest made of antibacterial fabric, has a good antibacterial effect, protect fragile skin, avoid biological damage to clothing. There are a variety of customized services to ensure that you buy satisfactory products.

Main Features:

Excellent antibacterial effect, will not produce odor due to sweat

Soft and loose, free movement, more free and flexible.

Breathable fabric, will not feel uncomfortable after exercise.

Technics: Four needles six threads, flat stitching, heat transfer etc
Feature: Durable, breathable, moisture wicking, quick dry, flexible, stretchy
Decoration:  Different kinds of decoration as your requirement
Color: can be custom by the pantone color
Logo: Custom logo as your requirement

This antibacterial yoga vest is made of antibacterial fabric, which has good antibacterial effect. In order to protect the health of the human body. This yoga vest keeps the fabric clean and tidy, and can prevent the reproduction of bacteria, avoid the risk of re-transmission. This yoga vest can remove the odor caused by sweat. You don’t have to worry about the smell after the exercise.

Besides, This  vest can protect fragile skin, has the characteristics of anti-fouling and easy to decontaminate. So that you can easily clean. This yoga vest has excellent antibacterial effect, will not produce odor due to sweat. You can rest soon after you finish exercising, without worrying about cleaning your clothes. This antibacteria yoga vest has  loose tailoring allows you to exercise comfortably.

The Personality Service for Antibacterial Yoga Vest:

Not only this style, if you want antibacterial fabric for other styles, we can also satisfy, we provide perfect customized service. Or your favorite color, logo or label, we can customize. Create your own yoga outfit

As a mature yoga wear manufacturer, we aim to “serve customers”, with 15 production lines and professional staff to serve you all the way. For you to create a good shopping experience and excellent and comfortable clothing, for your sports life.about us

Custom Antibacterial Yoga Vest Manufacturer

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