How to Design your own T-shirt

Planning on design your own t-shirt, which on the unbranded gym clothing? Read our custom design T-shirt tips.

When deciding how design the brand t-shirt, it can be overwhelming, there are a few tips you should consider to help you design the great t-shirt brand.

The questions before design the great t-shirt brand:

  1. What is the main reason design for? Need to tell a story? Do you want the t-shirt to represent your brand?
  2. How do i use the t-shirts? Think about what you and your customers want for, then design them. As you can known, that there have numbers of reason you design the t-shirt: New printing collection Update, Holiday series gift,brand giveaways, brand represent collection.
  3. Am i understand the various t-shirt design, printed methods and fabric options? The most popular fabric options for blank t-shirt, are cotton, polyester, blends fabric. Decide the fabric and print methods you want for, then design your own t-shirt, based on the fabric and print methods you choose.
  4. Do i prepare the all my design details? You have the right to do your open mind t-shirt collection. However, please keep in mind the placement, pantone number, pattern size and the right file type for your print pattern.
  5. What is the production time for the t-shirt need?  The standard production time is around 10-15 business days. But the additional custom services, like adding hangtags or custom polybags, it will add a few days.

However, if you still have no the exactly answer for the above, you could contact our sales team, you will receive the useful tips.

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The Tips when you are ready for your own t-shirt design

– Design for your customer.Make sure that your t-shirt collection make sense to the customer you design for. Take time to do a survey, for what kind of print or color works for your customer. Learn what is fashion trending now, and what elements are classic for your customer.

– Choose the overall color scheme. There have so many different color choice. When choose the color for your design, please stick  with the overall color to be uniform. Cool colors tone, warm colors tone, complimentary colors, or opposite matching colors, all are great options. And it depends on what your design want for.

The fabric options for your own t-shirt brand

After you have finally got all your custom t-shirt design squared away, and it is time to decide the fabric you use. However, from cotton, polyester, and blends fabric, it will a little bit hard to choose the right one to print your pattern. Here are the guides to identify the fabric:

100% cotton fabric

Design your own t-shirt by cotton fabric, will be the most economic option. As it will well show the print colors off. It is breathable but not stretchy.

Polyester and cotton blends fabric

Compared with the 100% cotton fabric, this blends fabric is a little softer. This fabric are heat resistant, quick dry, stretch than 100% cotton fabric. What’s more, durable enough than the 100% cotton.

Tri-blend fabric

As the name suggested, this tri-blend fabric, contains with three materials: polyester, cotton, and rayon. The fabric itself is the comfiest fabric from the above. However, the price of them is the most expensive one, from the three options.

Anther alternative fabric for t-shirt

Bamboo: ideal fabric for the workout or running t-shirt. Because it is anti-bacterial and moisture wicking.

Viscose: Similar with bamboo fabric, which produced from the wood pulp.

These fabric are all the Sustainable T-Shirt Fabric.

design the great t-shirt

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