How Do Pantone Match for your Custom Color Yoga Leggings

Get an look inside at how we use Pantone to match for the custom color yoga leggings, and why it’s so important for using Pantone number when you have the prefer color, for your custom yoga pants.

What is Pantone Number color?

As you can know, music has no boundary, and even in different language, its music is interlinked. However, color communication take much different options in the shade and differences in interpretation.

For example, assume that you are the buyer who order a yoga leggings from Chinese Yoga Wear Supplier, you check the color of an initial “blue sample”  photo looks exactly like the color photo you sent. But when you received the sample, you might find the blue you saw on the computer is much different from the real.

Then what you can do if you do want to order custom color yoga leggings? Yes, you need a standard color system which the whole world accept.

So luckily, Pantone is created, offers a system that narrow down the color into a specific shade. With the standard color match, every manufacturer in the different counties can all match the color  with the pantone number and make sure colors is the one match. In a word, pantone color match is the the language that works across the whole world.

Which Pantone book is suitable for your custom color yoga leggings?

There have several types of Pantone color guide book, in fact. Pantone system cover many different industries and materials. Like fashion and home for fabrics, package and print materials, etc. Then to avoid the confusion, you should use the the guide book that  ” The Pantone Fashion, Home, and Interiors System”. And you will have two options you can choose for the custom color yoga leggings:

Cotton Swatch Book, TCX color series, that made by the actual cotton swatches dyed and have have its individual color.  It is the ideal guide book for the yoga apparel fabric. But they are quite expensive if you want to own the whole range.

Paper Version, know as TPX/TPG, a cost effective option compared with cotton swatch book.

However, the color inks on the guide book will fade over time. Besides, the pantone system will update new color every so often. So you may need replace the guide book each year.

custom color yoga leggings

How Pantone Matching Works in Custom Color yoga Pants:

Pantone colors are super necessary when it comes to design and manufacture a design that you regards the colors as important for your custom yoga pants. This is because, during the sampling and starting your fabric dyeing process, that will be a convenient standard for both of us, customers and manufactureres, to produce the right fabric color.

When working with a textile factory,  here are two ways for use

the pantone color guide.

-Pre pick your prefer Pantone numbers which are suit for your yoga pants collection and give these to your textile factory or yoga wear manufacturer at briefing stage.

Then you will receive a lab dips for confirm, and generally, you will have three color swatches which got a few different in light and color. Like the below ways:

custom color yoga pants

-Give your idea of the color palette and number you prefer for your custom color yoga leggings. And your designers will show you the pantone color options which are similar with the colors you want for. Then you can pick up the right one which is match your favorite.

Check and Choose the righ print swatches and lab dips

Finally, after received the color swatches or lab dips, it is time for you to check the right color swatch which is match back to the pantone number you provide. Please noted that you’d better doing this in the natural light. Then you will need to make a decision for color swatches you want, or request changes.

When the color is approval, you can start your custom color yoga pants production. And you could view our home page to get the detail information on the custom yoga pants production.

And you can follow our ins to get the first update for the yoga wear.

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