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When speaking of a logo branded sportswear, you might come up with big entrepreneur brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor. But do you know how to achieve a similar but smaller goal for your small business?

Branding can be defined as a process that creates a strong and positive view of a company, product, or service in the minds of its customers through a company logo, design, mission statement, and consistent themes throughout all marketing activities. When it comes to online sales, having an established brand can help you differentiate your business from your competitors, especially when many new brands emerge.


Important of establish your own logo branded sportswear?

Logo branded sportswear can be a complex process, so there are many specialists in branding. Ideally, you should develop your brand strategy before you start your business, but in most cases it isn’t.

Strong brands can support your business in a variety of ways. But if that isn’t done properly, it can damage the brand’s reputation, too.

Why do small businesses need logo branded sportswear?

Now you understand how important logo branded sportswear is. Let’s see why small businesses like you need branding.

  1. Stand out from the competition

No matter what products or services you sell, you will not be the only company in your area. Having a strong brand makes your business differs from your competitors by establishing the elements that make your business or product unique and by showing your customers why to shopping with you rather than your competitors. Adding sportswear with brand logo helps to differentiate.

  1. Increase brand awareness

Custom logo branded sportswear helps develop recognizable visual and intangible identity features in the form of brand guides. From the personality of your business to the colors, fonts, languages, logos and more of your brand. Being recognized allows you to create your own style and increase your brand’s visibility in the market.

  1. Create a consistent brand experience

Customer experience should be a top priority, both in-store and online. Logo branded sportswear significantly helps improving customer’s branding experience, vise versa, helps your brands succeed in the business.

logo branded sportswear

Popular technologies applied for logo branded sportswear:

Embroidery Logo

Embroidery has always been the traditional way to apply a logo. The thread sewn onto the active wear provides the logo with a great texture effect that cannot be achieved by printing. It is the features that make logo embroidery so popular in almost every apparel categories. Our factory, Xiamen Xinyi Apparel embroider logos on various products such as custom yoga pants, women sports bras, T-shirts, yoga jackets, jogging suits, hoodies, and so on.

Features of embroidery:

Traditional & premium look

Abrasion resistance

Applicable to most garments

Heat transfer logo:

Heat transfer technology works by a combination of heat and pressure. You can choose from two types of custom heat transfer, vinyl print and digital print.

Vinyl print is a more mature heat transfer method, it uses vinyl letters and machine-cut designs to assemble them into the required configuration. Transfer the vinyl sheet to the cloth using a heat press machine that creates a large amount of pressure.

In contrast, digital print uses solvent inks to print logos and letters on specially designed thermal transfer paper. This allows the entire design to be transferred through the heat press machine instantly, reducing the material and time consumption for completion.


Heat transfer logo is perfect for the following situations:

Complex production of small orders

A complex image with 3 or more colors

Must be personalized for each transfer, such as sportswear with numbers and names on it

High quality images are required for short-term usage

Our factory offering custom design service for all our customers, no matter quantity is big or small, both available. There are unbranded sportswear ready to ship at anytime, also able to insert with your own logo print. Welcome to contact with us, let’s make your own personalized logo branded sportswear done today!

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