Different Print Technology for Women T-shirts

Women T-shirts are not only a necessity for casual wear, but also a garment that reflects our personality, interests and identities. This makes selling custom sweatshirts online a popular option, especially for entrepreneurs and artists looking for a relatively inexpensive way to learn how to start a business. In addition, by 2025, the global market for the custom T-shirt printing industry is expected to exceed US $ 10 billion.

You may need to print a customized T-shirt, especially the unbranded gym clothing, for a variety of reasons! Maybe you are printing them for a fundraising event, a family reunion, or your own sports team. Or you want to design, promote and sell your customized T-shirt to make money.

Have you ever wondering that how a custom sweatshirt been printed out? Now let’s introduce you some of the most popularly applied print technique for T-shirt:

Screen Print for T-shirt:

Screen printing is an ancient technology that has withstood the challenges of time for business owners who design and sell T-shirts online and in stores. As one of the most common ways to print on T-shirts, screen printing can produce long-term results. If you want to expand your product line, you can also print on canvas items, cups, hats and other manufactured and sold items.

However, the tedious initial setup means that screen printing is the most cost effective for mass printing. For complex designs or designs with more than 4-5 colors, screen printing can also cause problems, as each color increases cost and production time.

Types of Screen Print:

  1. Flatscreen printing–Most commonly used for printing on off-the-shelf items (T-shirts, bags)
  2. Rotary screen printing–Used to print on an entire roll of fabric. For this printing method, the initial cost is high because the price increases significantly due to the preparation of the cylinders.
  3. Hand screen Printing–Introduced to the studio by Andy Warhol, it was quickly accepted by independent artists who often use homemade structures for hand screen printing in the studio.

Advantages of screen print T-shirt:

Massive cost effectiveness

Bulk discount

Disadvantages of screen print T-shirt:

Multiple colors are not cost effective

You can print only simple images and designs


Heat transfer:

Heat transfer also existed for a long time and exists in many forms. You may have seen basic heat transfer paper at your local office supply store.

You can print the design from your home computer and easily iron it for transfer, but it’s not cut by small business owners. A more advanced form of thermal transfer is called “plastisol transfer” and is printed on special high quality thermal transfer paper by a professional printer.

With hermal transfer you can order a large number of prints from a local printer and when you receive the order, you can transfer it to a T-shirt using a commercially available heat press. Thermal transfer allows you to generate full-color images on T-shirts relatively easily and quickly.

Advantage of heat transfer women T-shirt:

You can “print” each shirt on demand

Small batches are more affordable

There is no limit to the number of colors that can be used for printing

Disadvantage of heat transfer women T-shirts:

Low quality and low durability compared to direct garment and screen printing

Large heat press upfront investment to a machine

The do-it-yourself approach means that you need to spend extra time

Women T-shirts

In the End:

The most promising and favorite clothing women T-shirts take up the most important position in the wardrobe. The combination of different T-shirt styles has given people a good impression. However, you must follow standard guidelines before making a purchase.

Neckline: The neckline of the T-shirt should be smooth and not hinder the movement of the neck

Fit: The fit depends on your posture, so the custom T-shirt should fit perfectly, so check the two measurements

Sleeves: For short-sleeved T-shirt style, do not exceed the biceps.

Length: Finish the T-shirt length  around waistband

Shoulder: Check whether the sleeve connects with the edge of the shoulder perfectly.

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