Customized Print T-shirts

Screen printing technology for the Customized Print T-shirts is able to print around 100 T-shirts in one hour at most. Screen printing is by far the best T-shirt print method for customized print T-shirts because it provides high quality at a reasonable price. This is one of the most popular printing methods for unbranded gym clothing bulk orders. How screen printing work and meets your demands? See below.

What is screen printing T-shirt?

Screen printing is a T-shirt printing technique that uses stencils. This stencil is based on a customized T-shirt design. Screen printing uses dark ink to print the T-shirt and penetrates the fabric to make the T-shirt more durable. The only cost associated with this printing technique is the creation of stencils.

How does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a great process, Let’s see the guide step by step in this printing technique. Whether you’re new to this technology or using a professional screen printer, this step-by-step guide on how screen printing works can help you create a great screen printer. Let’s first take a look at the magic screen printing device. That’s the reasons why customized T-shirts could create with all the attractive design.

You can generate your own customized print T-shirts by using screen printing devices such as:

Screen Printing Press: It’s the most important part of screen print T-shirts. In the customized print T-shirt process, the press holds the screen firmly in place so that individuals can effectively change the printed garments.

Ink: is used to press the fabric or the mesh of the printed garment to transfer the color imprint of the design stencil to the particular fabric.

Screen: A screen is a wooden frame with a layer of cloth on top. Once the screen is coated with emulsion and exposed, it can be used as a stencil. After complete printing, you can wash it easily with cold water.

Squeegee-A rubber blade attached to a plastic handle. Helps to extrude ink from the screen onto the fabric that being printed. Try choosing a squeegee that is the same size as the screen frame.

Washing Station-It is important to clean the screen after removing all lotion extracts using the screen. The cleaning station is up to you. Large prints need to use a large workstation with the same hands, small prints can be washed in the sink.

These are the most commonly used devices in the screen print T-shirt process. Let’s see how easy it is to perform the screen printing process with these device.

Customized Print T-shirts

Step-by-step customized print T-shirts process

Choose the design: To start with the T-shirt printing technique, choose the T-shirt design you need for the fabric and print it on a transparent film.

Screen Preparation: Choose the right mesh for your screen print T-shirt design, including complexity and printed design fabrics,cover the mesh screen with a layer of emulsion.

Exposuring the emulsion: Place the designed transparent film on an emulsion-coated screen and expose it to strong light.

Wash the lotion to form a stencil: after the screen is exposed to light, some areas will be hardened and some othere areas will be unhardened, so clean the unhardened areas around the screen and the ink will create a design that ink can be passed through. When the screen dries, start modifying the imprint to provide an accurate imprint. Then the stencil is get ready.

Prepare the fabric: Then place the screen on the T-shirt press and put fabric on the printing plate, under the screen.

Press the ink from the screen onto the fabric: Move the screen to the printing plate, pour ink on the top edge of the screen, and use a scraper to draw the ink along the entire length of the screen. This posture pushes the ink from the screen onto the fabric and prints the pattern. After the T-shirt printing process finished, wash the screen with cold water and discarding the stencil.

The Fabric gets ready: using a dryer to dry the print and create a long-term finishing effect. Please double check the final customized print T-shirts before delivering to the owner.

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