Custom Seamless Leggings and it’s Technology

Custom Seamless leggings are breathable, lightweight and comfortable leggings made with accurate and intelligent technology. Seamless technology removes stitches and seams from the entire process, leaving yoga tights with a second skin feel.

Needle precision, in combination with a mesh panel for airflow, helps create stunning designs and produces varying degrees of compression. Therefore, seamless leggings can be built in a more effective way. The leg, thigh, or hip area can be customized for different degrees of compression.

This made the leggings comfortable and stable. Not only gentle feeling on the skin, but also supportive to curves.

In addition, seamless leggings are more durable in terms of elasticity, which relaxes the restrictions and allows you to move freely.

Features of Custom Seamless leggings:

Light–Seamless technology and the right combination of threads and fibers will help you create lightweight seamless leggings. The key to this process is accurate and complex knitting, merges the yarn to create the best texture.

Breathable–Seamless technology allows you to combine mesh panels and wicking into any design. These factors help the air flow and keep the body cool and dry.

Fit–Seamless technology makes clothes with a tailoring that is unmatched in normal production.

A pair of yoga tights can have different degrees of compression and support structure in different areas. Therefore, the seamless leggings certainly fit like a glove, and each legging elegantly complements all the hard-earned curves.

Advantages of Seamless Leggings:

No seams or friction! Exercise without irritation– using seamless tights. The fabric is soft and fits the skin, with no seams to rub the skin. Therefore, there is no itching, rash or pain.

Quality and durability—As mentioned above, the seamless innovation process has many advantages. Another major advantage is the long-lifespan products with high-quality. To be honest, it depends on the threads and fibers used.

Why Seamless Technology is Important?

Seamless technology is an advanced technology for knitting fabrics. You may have noticed an increase in seamless leggings in the fitness world. This is because the seamless garment structure focuses on supporting the muscles in all the right positions. Seamless clothes provide more comfort, a more stable fit, and flexibility that helps them move smoothly.

In the world of fitness, your clothes are a tool to help you stand out. A good fit is the difference between smooth and unpleasant running. The same applies to fabrics. If sweating causes you to start sticking in the middle of your workout, it will make your workout uncomfortable.

Thanks to seamless technology, you’ll have an unprecedented level of comfort. But this is good not only for you, but for the environment as well. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, seamless technology is environmentally friendly. This process eliminates the sewing and cutting steps, which saves a lot of waste.

The traditional cutting and sewing process outlines the shape of a piece of cloth first. Next, cut the needed fabric and sew it together. However, the remaining fabric that is not used for stitching is considered as waste.

So this is all in vain. Therefore, you will generate about 125 grams of waste for making a pair of yoga tights. Now, if you produce 1,000 leggings, you will generate 125 kilograms of waste. It is estimated that 15% of the dough is wasted in the traditional manufacturing process. This is a lot!

Working way of Seamless Technology

Seamless technology, uses only the materials it needs. The thread is sent directly to the needle, and once the garment is made, the thread stops flowing. Therefore, this process eliminates waste. It also minimizes human error. Seamless technical management and monitoring systems help reduce errors and automatically stop production variances.

These two factors play a major role in maintaining the environmental protection of seamless technology. With seamless legging technology, you can make all kinds of clothes, from hats and gloves to shirts and leggings. This technique is especially useful for performance wear.

The purpose of high performance clothing is to support you during intense training. Seamless clothing and its modern features offer countless benefits, especially seamless leggings.

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