Best Fabric Material for Your Good Quality Custom T-shirts

If you’d like to give your team a good quality custom T-shirt, you not only need to make sure they look good, also need to ensure quality. When ordering custom T-shirts, it is important to  check the fabrics used for make print T-shirts, as fabric will to a great extent affect the design of the T-shirt.

want your customized T-shirt to look good, but it also has a good “feel” ? Then you need to strike the right balance between comfort, fit and durability. Here we list some fabric materials. Use them to create custom T-shirts to ensure quality.

The best materials for making good quality customized T-shirts


Quilts are called the “King of All Fabrics” and are a common material for custom T-shirt printing, because the fabric provides the perfect combination of softness, breathability and the comfort of casual wear. Here are some popular types of cotton …

Organic Cotton-Organic cotton is a bit more expensive than regular cotton and does not contain the fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals commonly used to grow cotton. It is environmentally friendly, soft to the touch and sustainable.

Combed cotton-This type of cotton is subjected to another special treatment before it is spun into yarn. It is very soft, smooth and durable, making your design more durable.

Regardless of the type of cotton, the more cotton the fabric contained, the better it will absorb colors and paints. Therefore, cotton is ideal for printing methods included with water-based inks, complex designs, and high levels of detail.


Another popular choice for custom print T-shirt fabrics,  the synthetic fiber polyester is popular for sports apparel. This is because the material dries quickly and is comfortable. It retains its shape and does not shrink or stretch even after repeated washing.

Polyester may not be as comfortable as cotton, but when it comes to transfer printing technology, it’s the medium of choice. This fabric can adhere better to the design because the design needs to be transferred from special paper or plastic to the garment.

Polyester& cotton blend fabric

A 50:50 polyester / cotton blend is typically used. The blend of polyester and cotton combines the advantages of both natural and synthetic fibers. In addition, it tends to be an affordable option for many garment and is cheaper than 100% cotton fabrics.

Compared to 100% cotton fabrics, Polyester & cotton blend fabric tend to retain their shape and not shrink too much, while 100% cotton fabrics will shrink after multiple washes. In addition, it is very suitable for most online T-shirt printing technology in China.


Another natural fabric that is perfect for summer T-shirt, this fabric is extremely lightweight. Not as common as other materials for custom T-shirts. Nevertheless, its hygroscopic and breathable feel is still a good choice. However, it may not be suitable for all printing technologies.

Triple mixing

A “hybrid” blend of three fabrics: cotton, polyester and rayon-three blends can make up for the shortcomings of each fabric by providing a well-combined final product. For example, the lightness of rayon, the softness of cotton, and the durability of polyester can be the right balance of design, comfort, and durability. Check the fabric blend to determine durability and match your design.

Should I choose natural fiber or synthetic fiber?

Natural materials have always been a popular fabric choice for  good quality custom T-shirt printing. The fibers are extracted from natural resources and woven into the fabric.

Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are artificial fibers and have a reputation as plastics. However, they are excellent alternatives to natural materials and have a high score for comfort and sustainability. They mimic natural materials very well and can only be distinguished by checking the label on the garment.

Synthetic fibers are designed to outperform natural fibers in certain respects, such as elasticity and impermeability. It is these qualities that make synthetic fibers a popular choice for customized T-shirts.

To determine whether natural or synthetic fibers are suitable for your design, best to consider the type of printing technology you use. This is because natural fibers can absorb liquids effectively, while synthetic fibers tend to repel water.

When choosing a fabric, there is no “one fabric determines everything” solution. Choose the fabric that best suits your good quality custom T-shirt, depending on your taste and design. Basically, the fabric you choose should improve both look and comfort.

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