2021 Custom T-shirt Design Trend

The 2021 custom T-shirt design trend represents a wide range of artistic abilities and creativity, supporting individuals, communities and social movements around the world. It’s easy to say “this is just a T-shirt”, but these customized design T-shirts provide people with a creative exit and allow them to express themselves freely and safely. Through all of this, we can see that our community has created a powerful series of T-shirt designs, remind us that even something as simple as a cotton T-shirt can inspire changes of the world.

Check out the new T-shirt design trends for 2021 below to learn how to make your next custom T-shirt.

Custom T-shirt with Strong Statement

Sometimes your T-shirt just needs to express bold and clear of what it needs to say. In the year when we had to stay away and limit face-to-face conversations, being able to express something without words increased these bold design options. This popular design trend is especially effective when your T-shirt is advocate political or social movement. Find the perfect word or sentence to express what you want to share with your community and the world. Write text in bold, easy-to-read fonts to make your shirt simple and easy to understand, and enjoy bright colors and handwritten fonts.

Customized Designed T-shirt with Multicolored Words

Bring your text-based design to life by adding multiple colors to your text. The color palette and text you choose will determine the mood of your shirt. Keep it simple with some colors in the palette, or do everything to make each letter a different color!

First, create a text-based design. After applying different colors, it is recommended to use bold to improve readability. Then select some colors to use as a palette for this design. (Remember that when screen-printing a shirt, it should be no more than 8 colors!) When choosing a color, you may need to consider the mood of the design, the brand, and the target audience for the shirt.

Cotton T-shirt with Handwritten Font

Use your own hand-drawn fonts to bring your own tones to your designs. Hand-drawn fonts can contain different emotions, so you can make them trendy, retro, bold, and sophisticated. The flexibility and personality of creating your own font makes it perfect for almost any T-shirt you design. Due to the variety of font styles, the first step in designing a T-shirt is to decide what mood you want the font to evoke. Then start trying to make your design more interesting by using interesting colors and adding lines and other design elements around the letters.

Wholesale T-shirt with Hand Drawn Design

Hand-painted designs always have so many features and importance. These textured pencil drawings are a major design trend next year. Clear and detailed linework provides enough space for your imagination to flow. Start with a simple sketch of what you want to create. Keep drawing until you are happy with your picture! Would you like to give it a pencil-like feel? Use thin dark gray or black textured lines for drawing.

Mens Custom T-shirt with Distorted Text

Distorted text is a great way to make plain text stand out on your T-shirt. Warps have endless possibilities! You can even go back to the 70’s with a wavy retro design! A good way to achieve this design style is to draw two wavy lines on top of each other. Then make sure the text fills the area between these two squiggles, no matter how crazy the text looks. This gives it a “distorted” look.

Womens Customized Design T-shirt with Graffiti Artwork

There is always more fun in your life and wardrobe! Graffiti can be done in any way, including fine lines, wavy lines, and shapes of different colors and sizes. Take over your imagination and print it on your product! Your design doesn’t have to be perfect. Be fashionable in a way that expresses your line and the shape you are trying to describe.

Custom Printing T-shirt with Animal Portrait

From animal rescue and wildlife organizations to famous pet celebrities, animal portraits have always been a popular design choice and a top trend in custom clothing. I like this design trend because it’s versatile. You can use simple lines to outline the animal’s body and facial features, display the animal on a wholesale printing shirt, or get very detailed information that suits the animal’s personality.

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