Pull Over Hoodie & Zip Up Hoodie, Choose Which one

The combat between pull over hoodie and zip up hoodie is classical in the world of fashion, lasts for many years already. Which one would you prefer most as the unbranded gym clothing? Today we are comparing those two styles, analyze the pros and cons for both sides. Maybe you will get the answer after read our blog.

Seasonal Reason:

It’s deniable that both pull up hoody and zipper up hoody are compatible for certain climates. For example: pull over hoodie is great for cooling whether, and always own a place in the winter closet. However: the zipper up design is multifunctional. Zipper type still workable even under the warm whether condition.

Design Potential:

Would you prefer to layer your dress or just a simple look? When customizing your hoodies, do you like diversified and well adapted styles? Or just one big mural? The answer to above questions are mainly decided by which stylish you’d prefer. Zipper style allows itself to meet with different types of design selection. You can easily apply with two diverse designs on both side of the zipper. On the contrary, pull over one can served as a huge blank canvas, drawing with pretty pictures on.

Comfortable Factor:

Hoodies always possess the feeling of cozy. But, when you adding additional zipper or thinner material, the comfort level will be obviously sacrificed. Thus, pull over hoodie was widely considered as more comfort and stylish choice than zipper hoody.Pull over hoodie is greater go-to outfits than zipper counterparts. If luxury and convenience is the things you are chasing for, then pull over hooded sweatshirts is no doubt the first option.

Adaptive Capacity to Haircut: 

It sounds like irrelevant to to the subject. In fact, how do you design your haircut? If you are the person who spend lots of time comb your hair, pair your haircut with flawless costume. In this way, pull over style is unlikely to be your best accompany.In the other side, if you need take off hoodie, zipper function will be easily, while pull over ones does not.


If you need to wearing hoodies frequently, then something durable is requested. Unfortunately, zipper hoddies not possess the nature for lasting. The zipper applied in the middle of garments is abrasive and usually end up with broken. Hoodies do not encounter with such situation, the main reason is they do not equipped with zipper. As long as you are purchasing the right quality of fabric from reliable supplier, the pull over ones are able to lasting for quite a long time.

Key Factors on How to Choose the Hoodie?

  • Color

There are thousands of colors available for your choice. In order to narrow your choice range, you should first made it clear whether you are looking for solid color or print styles(tie dye print, kawaii hoodie, snowboard hoodie…) This may help you narrow down your selection scope.

  • Fabric material:

Most of hoddie fabric based on cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends. You’d best get to know which material you’d like most. As a matter of fact, it’s the personal preference.

  • Price:

As there are large variety of colors and designs. One of the most important issue is that you’ll need to make the decision on what price range you are going to afford.
Choose the ideal one you can accept.

In conclusion, hoodies are warmly welcome in the market, and seems that the trends will not end up soon. Finding hoodies in Xiamen Xinyi, Our platform offers various kinds of hoodies for your kindly selection. No matter pull over hoodie, zip up hoodie, easy go-to outfits, Running hoodies, off white hoodies women, black tie dye hoodie, etc. We believe you can find the right choice here.

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