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This product is made of 87% nylon and nylon fabrics. The adjustable back design is also very intimate, suitable for people of all sizes.

The special back and shoulder strap design will not bring too much burden to the body and reduce the pressure of underwear on the chest.

Suitable for all kinds of high-intensity exercise to reduce damage to the body.

Our company has very rich experience and skills in making adjustable yoga underwear, and understands the real needs of customers.

Four needles six threads, flat stitching, heat transfer etc
Durable, breathable, moisture wicking, quick dry, flexible, stretchy
Different kinds of decoration as your requirement
can be custom by the pantone color
Custom logo as your requirement

Wholesale Adjustable Yoga Bra Supplier, adjustable yoga bra is more suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. The composition of the main fabric is nylon and nylon, and the composition of the main fabric reaches 87%, which shows from the side that the composition of the fabric is very soft. For a large part of the group, especially those in the foreign market, there are more people, and the figure is relatively obese. A large part is due to differences in eating habits. Therefore, adjustable yoga underwear is more popular in the international market. Because the adjustable underwear brings a more convenient and comfortable wearing experience. The part of the shoulder strap is a bit wider than the thin strap, which greatly improves the support force of the yoga underwear, and reduces the pressure on the body due to the increase of the force-bearing area.

Wholesale Adjustable Yoga Bra Supplier

We Offer Customization Service For Adjustable Yoga Bra:

Our company provides a variety of customization services, including exclusive customization of product details. The buyer can provide the required product design scheme. And we will determine a scheme that is exclusive to you through further communication in the later stage.

A Brief Introduction of us:

After years of hard work and operation, we have established a mature team. In many cases of customized services, we have brought a perfect purchasing experience to our customers. So we have accumulated many old customers. So it is very reliable to give the order to us.

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