Lycra Fabric Used In Sportswear

Lycra fabric used in sportswear manufacture widely due to great flexibility, lightweight and durability features. Such as women sports bra, custom yoga pants, swimwear,etc.

What is Lycra?

Lycra, developed in 1953, it is the brand name for DuPont’s spandex. This is a synthetic fiber that is always combine with another fiber in the fabric. Lycra is not used as the main fiber. This is because even a small amount of Lycra is able to provide considerable elasticity. And enhance the drapeability of the fabric. Lycra is known to be able to stretch 4 to 7 times compared with its original length. And will return to its normal state and length when released.

Other great properties of Lycra include: resistance to sunlight and sweat, comfort when applied to fabrics, mobility and improved shape retention. Lycra itself looks like a continuous filament. But it actually contains many filaments in combination. These filaments are made up of elastic and rigid molecules that make them soft and durable. Elastic fibers are ideal for sportswear and compression garments production to improve blood circulation. Reduce lactic acid and DOMS, and also provide support to the garments.

Lycra Fabric Used In Sportswear

Why Lycra Fabric Used In Sportswear?

Many people have the doubts that why Lycra fabric used in sportswear? –Because of the good quality for long time stretchy. Lycra is highly welcome in sportswear development and production. With the ability for withstand long time stretches. Lycra also can be called as a product with tear resistance.

Quality is an very important factor when making garments for sports activities. Good quality active wear helps the wearer feel comfortable while exercising. And helps prevent injuries caused by excessive pulling and stretching of the fabric. Over the last few years, Lycra fabric made men’s T-shirts and women’s sports sets are becoming more and more popular and hot selling.

Lycra fabric is dustproof and is ideal for outdoor sportswear. Like Lycra sportswear, the manufacture of Lycra shirts is more and more endearing by many companies as well in recent years.

How Lycra Affect Your Performance In The Gym:

Lycra reduces fatigue and pain. When you exercise, your muscles tremble. The tremble is an inherently undesirable movements and can cause fatigue. All movements requires energy. Lycra used in sportswear helps prevent this vibration,  so less energy is wasted during exercise. Studies show that compressing lycra clothing can reduce post-exercise muscle aches and even speed up recovery. This helps explain why many long-distance runners wear lycra stockings during and after training and soccer players wear lycra shorts.

Lycra is supportive. Exercise can strain your muscles and joints. Repetitive exercise, heavy loads, and sudden turns can all be damaging to your body. Lycra helps support muscles and joints and provides a positive impact on athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. For this reason, Lycra garments are usually used as the bottom layer and are specially designed as compression garments. The higher the Lycra composition is, the greater supportive the garments will offer.

How Does Lycra Fabric Affect The Environment?

Lycra fabric consumes a lot of energy during the manufacturing proces. So, it is not difficult to imagine the environmental impact of manufacturing Lycra fabric. On the other hand, reuse Lycra for manufacture sportswear is a good way to save energy. This helps relieve the environmental impact of producing Lycra fabric.

The Conclusion Is:

Lycra popularly applied in many sportswear. Because it provides a tight tailoring and does not easily “ride” during performance. It can also be stretched both vertically and horizontally. In other words, Lycra garments will not deform after stretch. These properties make Lycra fabric very suitable for sportswear products.

Washing Care for Lycra Sportswear:

Lycra sportswear really needs to be careful when washing. Always follow the care label recommendations. In general, wash Lycra sportswear thoroughly with warm water using a mild detergent (non-chlorine bleach). Also, do not use tumble dryers for washing Lycra garments. As this will significantly shorten the lifespan of the Lycra.

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