How to Create Custom Printed Labels for Wholesale Bulk Yoga Pants

Custom printed labels, for your wholesale bulk yoga pants, are the perfect way to put it one step ahead of the rest. Compared with woven label or tearaway tags, they are comfortable, and give your custom collections a lot of extra authority. When a lot of people order custom yoga pants, they do not know that with printed label for the yoga pants will be more professional and comfortable than with a sewing labels.

Here we are showing why custom printed labels are top recommendation for custom yoga pants, and what information you need for the printed labels.

The Information you need to include for the printed labels:

When you are going to create your custom yoga pants labels, the first one you need to organize all the information you need for. You need to make sure that you have the below information:

  1. Company name or brand Logo
  2. Yoga pants size
  3. Material composition
  4. Origin manufacturing country
  5. Washing care instruction
  6. Company Motto ( If you have)
  7. Online shop link or facebook, ins account( depends on your target market)

Why recommend printed label inside of the bulk yoga pants?

With a branded custom labels inside, is a perfect way to increasing your brand images for a memorable way. These print labels will give your yoga leggings a more retail-quality finish.

It is completely unnoticeable to touch, which means you will not feel any discomfort when wearing. Saving time and cost in other way, like take times on sewing.

Keep in mind this tips for the custom label yoga pans:

We will have the more information about the printed tags of the yoga pants below, but here are some tips to consider and mind:

  1. Using the ink which will not show through from the backside.

For the custom printed tags, especially with the light-colored yoga leggings, it is very important to use the ink which will not show through the backside of yoga pants. To support with this, we have some methods recommend to add custom labels to the inside of your yoga leggings, sports bras, hoodie, tank top or other sportswear: heat transfer printing, screen printing, sublimation printing.

When customer concern which printed method to use: We recommend the heat printing method 8 out of 10 times. For several reasons for recommendation: first, it is the most economical option. Second, it has the high clarity image even with small measurement contents. Lastly, its great pretty resistant to showing through the other side of yoga wear. And it is highly fit for the items that do not have smooth surface. Screen printed labels are another option, for the yoga wear with cotton material. It got more range of color options and for large measurement, but it is more expensive than heat transfer printing.

  1. Remember the labels you create working with limited space.

Keep in mind the measurement of the custom labels in your custom yoga leggings. The max tags size is based on the method you choose. Like heat transfer and screen print, the smallest type size is 6 points. The custom yoga pants labels, it will be lose its image clarity and hard to read for that are smaller than.

Detail introduction for different print methods:

All three printed methods have their pros and cons.

Heat Transfer print label, are our default for hoodies, yoga leggings and pullovers, as it provide the most clarity for the label contents. And it available in unlimited colors, but with higher cost due to the time required for transfer. Maximum label size is 4 inches x 4 inches.

Screen printed label, is less efficient from the time and accept material. But it provide the larger range of color and label size.

Sublimation print label, is the best looking printed method. Labels will not crack after several uses, and the labels will last as long as it needed. But the highest price type of printed label, due to the high cost of the sublimation printers, and include the heat press and transfer paper. Another con is, sublimation print mostly use for the polyester fabrics for the best outcome.

Some Custom inside printed labels examples:

Custom print label

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