The Differences Between Custom Men And Custom Women Hoodies

Although many hoodies in the market are unisex, there still have some unique factors for both Custom men hoodies and custom women hoodies. The article will show us the differences between two kind of hoodies.

Activewear clothes is always supposed to be very functional and versatile, but there did not have many types of clothes that are more versatile than hoodies.

From cooler morning when you want to begin your day with outdoor exercises to hang out with friends, hoodie is really an adaptable clothes piece, that range from casual look to full workout look. Hoodie is also becoming fashion choices for people on cool summer night, which make the custom hoodies a year-round clothes choice.

At OEM yoga wear. com, custom men hoodies and custom women hoodies are one of our main items, and also the top options for the one, who want unbranded gym clothing. Because we know just how fashion it is for street wear and workout look. And how they works on the brand collection in a stylish way.

It’s correct that many types of hoodies are unisex in nature. But there still have the certain hoodie that are towards men and women specifically. Below let us go over the three main differences between custom men hoodies and custom women hoodies, include:



The placement of zipper

Size is the Key factor between custom Mens hoodies and Custom Womens Hoodies:

The most obvious difference, between men and women hoodie designs, are the sizing measurement options. As compared with men hoodies’ size, women hoodies are generally run much smaller. So reach out to an experienced custom women hoodies manufacturer, who has the product knowledge to help you well understand which size chart, will work best for your brand and marketing needs.

Since unisex hoodie usually runs true to size, so we advise to size up for the women fit.

Many years ago, hoodies, especially the unisex hoodies, were generally pretty loose and baggy which fit every shape of body need. However, nowadays women hoodies are much more different than before.They tend to become much more fashion and streamlined, no matter if your designs is for unisex, men or women options.

The shapes for different body need:

In many times when choosing the the clothes, men and women will prefer different shapes of custom hoodies, which based upon the actual physicality themselves. And how they feels most comfortable. And that is why unisex hoodies are typically design, to reflect these preferences need for hoodie.

As you can easily learn that, women hoodies are designed to show more natural curvier bodies, while men hoodies are generally more loose in shape. That’s, women hoodies are also usually more body fitting when compared with the  looser design men hoodies. However, there still have many exceptions, such as oversized design women hoodies.

Traditionally, the placement of zipper also have a little different, for the zip up hoodie between men and women design. For example, the zipper of the pockets, for the women hoodie, the zipper tab should be start on the left. However, this differences become less common recently.

custom women's hoodies

The unisex hoodies are the great option anyway.

The unisex hoodies, no doubt that, generally are the versatile option when you start your own custom hoodies. They are very similar to the men hoodies designs. And made by the stretchy fabric, that make sure they can comfortably conform to women’s curves. And from the numberless marketing survey, unisex hoodie collection is always the top seller for any sportswear brand.

What’s more, nowadays many and many athletes prefer unisex designs clothes. Instead of the design specifically for either men or women.

The quality of the custom women hoodies matters a lot:

whatever hoodies design you choose, the quality and functionality of the custom hoodies will be matters a lot for your brand building

You could reach out us to get in touch with our design and sales team. We will go back the specific custom information which matching your custom order. And you could also follow our ins to get the first update.

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