Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer

Private Label Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer Description:

Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer is sleeveless garment. It comes from the French word “Veste” which means sports coat or jacket. The vest can be worn as casual underwear under the shirt, or as formal clothing under the shirt and under the suit. However, the term vest is usually dedicated to underwear. In India, the vest is usually called “Baniyan”.

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Fabric Composition 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex, can be custom according to your preference.
Fabric Thickness 180-200gsm or according to customer preference
Size Options S-L, can be custom with your own size chart.
Color Options Various colors available, can be custom into your prefer color if you provide the pantone number.
Logo Printing service Heat print, screen print, Silicon print, embroidery for choice.
Packing 1pc in a plastic bag, 100pcs per carton box.
Sample Service Free sample
Delivery time 20-25 business days on bulk production
Shipping Via Express,like FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNY, by sea,by air, by train
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What’s the benifits of Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer:

1.Prevent direct contact between skin and coat: Men’s vests are functional underwear, the important purpose is to prevent direct contact between the coat and the skin. There are two benefits. First, if the jacket fabric is rough or itchy, a vest, usually made of a soft and skin-friendly fabric, can protect the skin from scratches and irritation. Second, Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer tend to absorb sweat and keep the jacket dry and clean.

2.Decrease the transparency of the coat: If you are wearing a transparent shirt or top, wearing a Chinese manufacture vest will make it less transparent.

3.Soft and Breathable: As mentioned above, the vest is made of cotton and other skin-friendly natural materials that keep you cool and comfortable all day long, protecting your outerwear from dirt and moisture.

4.Preventing Deodorant Stain: Deodorant can give you a fresh and pleasant scent, but deodorant stain is absolutely undesirable. Vests under the jacket can help you stay away from them.

5.Maintaining Body Temperature: In cold climates, the right vest is the ideal garment to keep you warm and comfortable when the outdoor temperature drops. In addition, it is recommended to wear several more layers to effectively and comfortably withstand the cold.

6.The private label vest can be worn alone: when walking around at home, exercising in the gym, or doing certain sporting activities. The sleeveless construction allows you to move freely, and the soft, breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.

Key Points for Choosing Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer:

1.Fabric: Choose the underwear fabric according to the purpose of purchasing men’s underwear online. In addition to regular cotton, rayon and spandex, you can choose denim, rayon, silk and wool for special occasions and cold weather.

2.Sleeve length: Inner vests can be sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 or even full sleeves. Choose the right one for your comfort, practicality and season.

3.Length: Depending on where and when you use it, the length of your online men’s vest will also vary. Fitness vests are generally shorter than traditional vests used to push into trousers.

4.Collar types: From V-neck and U-neck to round-neck, there are many types of collars to choose from to suit your mood and style.

5.Strap style: Choose your favorite style from wide, thin and regular.

6.Fit: The last important thing is to carefully choose the best fit depending on the jacket you plan to match. Remember that the fit of your underwear determines the look of your coat!

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Different types of private label Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer:

Finally, let’s take a look at the different types and styles of inner vests that you can choose according to your needs, style and level of comfort.

1.Sleeveless vest: The most common and popular type of vest, with a deep round neck design and regular shoulder straps in formal wear.
2.Square Neck Vest: If you want to look more masculine, choose a vest with square collars, wide shoulder straps and a contoured fit.
3.Muscle T-shirt: Very similar to a Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer, it is popular with athletes because of the freedom of movement of the arms and shoulders and the appearance of the muscles of the body.
4. T-shirt vest: Provides maximum coverage and warmth to the body. The round neck requires the shirt to be buttoned down to the neckline, while the V neck allows you to keep the button on the top of the shirt open.
5.Sports Vest: Made of microfiber, light and wicking, easy to dry, usually dark and with a logo printed on it.
6.Fitness Vest: Designed for comfort and mobility, you’ll stay cool and comfortable even when you sweat.
7.Slimming Vest: Also known as shapewear, it provides a slimming effect on the waistline, giving the body a symmetrical look and making it fit and smart.

OEM service for the China Manufacturer private label unbranded men vests:

-Pattern Design: Custom Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer own design, or make some changes on our designs
-Fabric Custom: Can be custom the fabric as you requested
-Color Options: You can choose from our instock color swatches, and can be customized as the pantone number you provide
-Size: will under your own size chart, if not, we have the standard US size chart for confirm
Print Logo Service:Heat Transfer print, Screen Print, Silicon print, Embroidery available.
Custom Hang Tags: you can design your own hang tags, and our team will provide you the various options.
Brand Custom Packing Bag: polybag can print your brand name as requested, and custom carton boxes are also welcome.
UPC Barcode Sticker: Send us your detail information for the sticker, we can custom it on the packing bags for you.

The custom service we can offer:

How to wash Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer:

Machine Washing made in China Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer
a. Pre-soaking the men’s vest in cold water, especially the pants with stains.
b. Separate the white men’s vest and the colored one.
c. Flip the custom vests inside out, to prevent the apparel from fading or tearing
– Better placing inside of a mesh laundry bag, to prolong the custom vests’ lifespan.
-Hanging and let the customized men vests dry, to prevents the fabric from losing its softness and prevent it from getting damaged.
1. Don’t use any fabric softener and bleach, to prevent the damages of your men vest feature.
2. Don’t wash your Chinese manufacturer vests with other apparel that with zippers or Velcro, or other rough fabric, avoid any chance that will scratch or rub against the men’s vest.

Hand Washing the custom design private label vest:

Washing your Unbranded Men Vest Manufacturer design vest by hand, would be the most safe way to ensure the fabric will prolong its lifespan. Even though after undergo the extreme or harsh movements and practice.
And if possible, we do recommend you washing your stretch vests with the hands.
a. Separate the light colored men’s vests from the dark colored one
b. Using cold water instead, and pre-soaking at least 15 minutes.
c. Washing individually by holding the private label men’s vests with both hands and moving it forth and back repeatedly.
d. Remove the extra water by laying it against the towel and hang to dry, or pressing the vests gently.
Noted: You can washing by the same way of the joggers, tank top, t-shirt, hoodies or sports bra etc, especially the fitness sports clothing.