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Design your own tie dye T-shirt made in China Description:

Few people in the world can say they don’t have a Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer. T-shirt is one of the essential items worn by men and women in daily life, it’s a blank canvas for wearers and designers. As wearers, we like their versatility, comfort, and (usually) low prices. Put yourself in your custom T-shirt: Nothing feels more comfortable and safe than your favorite Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer. Ideally speaking, you’d like to be the creator of the “perfect” T-shirt that people keep buying over and over again.

-Tie dye T-shirt for private label service

Fabric Composition 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex, can be custom according to your preference.
Fabric Thickness 180-200gsm
Size Options S-L, can be custom with your own size chart.
Color Options Various colors/prints available, can be custom into your prefer color if you provide the Pantone number.
Logo Printing service Heat print, screen print, Silicon print, embroidery for choice.
Packing 1pc in a plastic bag, 100pcs per carton box.
Sample Service Free sample
Delivery time 20-25 business days on bulk production
Shipping Via Express,like FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNY, by sea,by air, by train
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Understand why you need a Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer

Whatever the reason for designing a T-shirt, it always involves a bit of branding. When using T-shirts for promotional purposes, branding is the main goal. Every product needs to incorporate a consistent brand theme, even if it’s strictly fashion. For personal use (such as commemorative events), you need to make sure that the Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer design clearly conveys the message.

If you are not ready yet: list the main themes, styles and personalities you want to convey to your brand or shirt. Is your brand fun or serious? Is it avant-garde or conservative? Is it luxury or affordable? With a dedicated T-shirt design, you can answer all these questions at a glance.

1.Promotional items
Your T-shirt is what you give away for free with the goal of creating your brand in the minds of potential customers. It may have been distributed at a meeting, conference, or other promotional activity, or left behind at a business meeting.

2.Internal use
Employees get shirts for unity, gratitude, and even company uniforms. Goals are similar to promotional gifts due to strong demand for brands

Be sure to consider style, marketability, and business strategy, as your Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer is the product you plan to sell. You need to know what market shirts are on, so consider doing a survey to find out what your customers like. Your own personal taste is a good start, but when it comes to selling to the masses, quantifiable data always takes precedence over guesswork.

4.Event souvenirs
Special souvenirs are required for special events. Custom Tie Dye T-shirt are always a good choice.
These shirts have many of the same goals (unification, gratitude) as the shirts used in-house, but for a more casual and less restrictive audience.

Regardless of purpose, most T-shirts are advertised in some way. Even when designing a T-shirt as a product, it allows the observer to see who made the shirt if something similar is needed, including the brand logo. It should be strong on the shirt and have a more dominant presence. T-shirts are more than just clothes. T-shirts provide exposure every time someone wears them in public, especially if the owner likes the shirt and wears it often.

Once you’ve set your goals, you can prioritize different aspects of your T-shirt design. For example, fashion is a top priority for product T-shirts, but not for gifts to employees. We want to customize the design in the way that best suits our needs.

How to design your own tie dye T-shirts manufacturer

1. Find a designer
Do you have design skills? hurry up! Don’t worry if you don’t do this. There are many professionals who are ready to realize your design ideas.

The main advantage of designing your own T-shirt is save costs. If your budget is tight, a decision has already been made. Design freedom is a big advantage, but keep in mind that experts understand the technical issues (and more) of T-shirt design.

3.Hire an expert
Instead of learning marketing by yourself, branding and graphic design, why not pay someone who already knows them all? Working with a freelancer can be difficult, but it’s also fun. Do your best to find a designer who understands what you are looking for. Consider the designer’s personality, design style and expertise. You can even try to collaborate with multiple designers at the same time by launching a T-shirt design competition.

Once you find a designer, you need to articulate your vision. Tell them your design philosophy, your message, and your target consumer. Includes detailed information about colors, logos, visual styles, T-shirt types, and print specifications. Send them a design photo that suits the style you are looking for. Told them all the things they need to know so that you can get the perfect Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer design done.

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OEM service for the China Manufacturer tie dye T-shirts wholesale:

-Pattern Design: Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer Custom own design, or make some changes on our designs
-Fabric Custom: Can be custom the fabric as you requested
-Color Options: You can choose from our instock color swatches, and can be customized as the pantone number you provide
-Size: will under your own size chart, if not, we have the standard US size chart for confirm
Print Logo Service:Heat Transfer print, Screen Print, Silicon print, Embroidery available.
Custom Hang Tags: you can design your own hang tags, and our team will provide you the various options.
Brand Custom Packing Bag: polybag can print your brand name as requested, and custom carton boxes are also welcome.
UPC Barcode Sticker: Send us your detail information for the sticker, we can custom it on the packing bags for you.

The custom service we can offer:

How to wash own design tie dye T-shirt Manufacturer:

Machine Washing own design tie dye Tie Dye T-shirt  Manufacturer:
a. Pre-soaking the tie dye T-shirt in cold water, especially the pants with stains.
b. Separate the white yoga T-shirt and the colored one.
c. Flip the tie dye T-shirt inside out, to prevent the apparel from fading or tearing
– Better placing inside of a mesh laundry bag, to prolong the T-shirts’ lifespan.
-Hanging and let the yoga pants dry, to prevents the fabric from losing its softness and prevent it from getting damaged.
1. Don’t use any fabric softener and bleach, to prevent the damages of your own design T-shirts feature.
2. Don’t wash your T-shirts with other apparel that with zippers or Velcro, or other rough fabric, avoid any chance that will scratch or rub against the Tie dye T-shirt.

Hand Washing the Athletic Custom Tie dye T-shirts:

Washing your tie dye T-shirt by hand, would be the most safe way to ensure the fabric will prolong its lifespan. Even though after undergo the extreme or harsh movements and yoga practice.
And if possible, we do recommend you washing your stretch tie dye T-shirts with the hands.
a. Separate the light colored T-shirts from the dark colored one
b. Using cold water instead, and pre-soaking at least 15 minutes.
c. Washing individually by holding the T-shirts with both hands and moving it forth and back repeatedly.
d. Remove the extra water by laying it against the towel and hang to dry, or pressing the China made T-shirt gently.
Noted: You can washing by the same way of the joggers, tank top, leggings, hoodies or sports bra etc, especially the fitness sports clothing.