Private Label Printed Yoga Sets

Private Woven Label Printed Yoga Sets Description:

The sports bra yoga set has a removable molded cup, wicking compression fabric and well-controlled seams. Private Label Printed Yoga Sets. They are designed to provide you with ample comfort and support throughout your yoga class.

As you know, yoga classes can be very painful if you don’t wear a proper sports bra. The problem is exacerbated when the bust is heavy. All of these exercises can cause muscle aches and bruises and can be very unpleasant. Here, you can’t achieve your goal with a regular bra. You need something that provides adequate coverage, breathability, shape, and lift without piercing the rim. Here the Private Label Printed Yoga Sets comes into play. Custom yoga pants.

Private Woven Label Service Available:

Fabric Composition 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex, can be custom according to your preference.
Fabric Thickness 220gsm
Size Options S-L, can be custom with your own size chart.
Color Options Various colors/prints available, can be custom into your prefer color if you provide the pantone number.
Logo Printing service Heat print, screen print, Silicon print, embroidery for choice.
Packing 1pc in a plastic bag, 100pcs per carton box.
Sample Service Free sample
Delivery time 20-25 business days on bulk production
Shipping Via Express,like FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNY, by sea,by air, by train
Private Woven Label Printed Sports Bra Yoga Sets

Benefits of wearing the Private Label Printed Yoga Sets

1)Reduces chest bounce.
Yes, the main purpose of a sports bra yoga sets is to reduce breast bounce, but only if you have the right level of support and fit. Private Label Printed Yoga Sets.

In order to reduce rebound, the sports bra support level must match the activity level. Wearing a short lace-up skirt while running may not provide the required reduction in rebound. Especially if you have bigger chests.
Sports bra support is measured as “impact level”. Low, medium and high effects to reduce activity-related breast bounce. Finding the right level of support for a sports bra is not the end of the story. To effectively reduce breast rebound, Private Label Printed Yoga Sets needs to fit well. If the size is wrong, the best sports bras in the world will not be able to hold a girl.

Finding your size is easy. It’s as easy as visiting our fitting room to determine your size. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the story. Private Label Printed Yoga Sets are vary in style, design and fit. Therefore, some inspection and adjustment is required to ensure sports bra perfectly conformity to your body shape.

2)Helps reduce breast pain and injury.
Excessive breast bounce may increase over time. If there is a rise, it will fall. Something needs to stop the girls to stop earth gravity.

Regarding the active women, this is either our sports bra or the natural support structure of our breasts. Wearing wrong bras and doing exercise may cause pain and long-term damage. Also called sagging! I don’t know what you think, but I wear a sports bra every week. A Private Label Printed Yoga Sets will help. Support you and help reduce possible breast pain and long-term ligament damage.


3)Feel supportive and comfortable.
Needless to say, a proper sports bra must be comfortable. All support around the world worth nothing if your sports bra is comfortable enough to wear. A suitable sports bra yoga sets should fit like gloves or a second skin. You should forget that you are wearing it. Finding the right match will definitely help. The same is true for soft styles with the fewest seams.

4)Be confident while exercising.
Nothing is more distracting or offensive than your chest banging around. Especially if you have more tops.

We understand how this affects you. For example, a “DD” cup person, who always feeling self-conscious when exercising. It wasn’t until we found the right sports bra that this situation began to disappear. Controlling the girl gives you confidence while exercising. I believe you won’t bounce, I believe you won’t accidentally “pop” by wearing correct Private Label Printed Yoga Sets.

5)Focus on your exercise.
This is based on the above perspective. You can’t distract yourself from the work at hand as much as the unruly ta-tas!

Out of control of your chest can interfere with your golf swing, build a bear while running, and affect your balance. Wearing the right printed sports bra will help you stay in control and focus on the activity.

6)Improves athletic performance.
Did you know that wearing a supportive, comfortable and fit sports bra yoga sets can actually improve your athletic performance? That’s true.It makes sense when you think about it. For optimal performance, you need to be focused and undisturbed. We women know that there is nothing more distracting than unwanted bounces!

OEM service for the China Manufacturer Private Label Printed Yoga Sets:

-Pattern Design: Custom your Private Label Printed Yoga Sets own design, or make some changes on our designs
-Fabric Custom: Can be custom the fabric as you requested
-Color Options: You can choose from our instock color swatches, and can be customized as the pantone number you provide
-Size: will under your own size chart, if not, we have the standard US size chart for confirm
Print Logo Service:Heat Transfer print, Screen Print, Silicon print, Embroidery available.
Custom Hang Tags: you can design your own hang tags, and our team will provide you the various options.
Brand Custom Packing Bag: polybag can print your brand name as requested, and custom carton boxes are also welcome.
UPC Barcode Sticker: Send us your detail information for the sticker, we can custom it on the packing bags for you.

The custom service we can offer:


How to wash Private Label Printed Yoga Sets:

Machine Washing private woven label printed sports bra yoga sets
a. Pre-soaking the sports bra yoga wear in cold water, especially the pants with stains.
b. Separate the white yoga sets and the colored one.
c. Flip the yoga sets inside out, to prevent the apparel from fading or tearing
– Better placing inside of a mesh laundry bag, to prolong the yoga sets’ lifespan.
-Hanging and let the yoga pants dry, to prevents the fabric from losing its softness and prevent it from getting damaged.
1. Don’t use any fabric softener and bleach, to prevent the damages of your yoga pants feature.
2. Don’t wash your printed sports bra with other apparel that with zippers or Velcro, or other rough fabric, avoid any chance that will scratch or rub against the Private Label Printed Yoga Sets.

Hand Washing the woven label sports bra yoga sets:
Washing your yoga wear by hand, would be the most safe way to ensure the fabric will prolong its lifespan. Even though after undergo the extreme or harsh movements and yoga practice.
And if possible, we do recommend you washing your stretch yoga bra with the hands.
a. Separate the light colored yoga pants from the dark colored one
b. Using cold water instead, and pre-soaking at least 15 minutes.
c. Washing individually by holding the yoga pants with both hands and moving it forth and back repeatedly.
d. Remove the extra water by laying it against the towel and hang to dry, or pressing the leggings gently.
Noted: You can washing by the same way of the joggers, tank top, t-shirt, hoodies or activewear etc, especially the fitness sports clothing.