Female Sport Gym Suit manufacturers

Female Sport Gym Suit manufacturers

Design your own Seamless Female Sport Gym Suit Description:

With this Design your own 3 Pieces Long Sleeve Female Sport Gym Suit, make the ultimate impact on your workouts. With the high waist contouring and shape fit detail, keep you more confidence and energy thought your training. For this bulk custom crop top seamless female sport gym suit:

– Supportive fabric and super stretchy fabric

– High waist with comfortable waistband

– Ultra Stretch Fit

Sport Gym Suit manufacturers

More custom information for these kind of custom yoga wear, you could view our manufacturer homepage.

Fabric Composition 75% Nylon & 25% Spandex, can be custom according to your preference.
Fabric Thickness 280gsm
Size Options S-XL, can be custom with your own size chart.
Color Options 6 colors available, can be custom into your prefer color if you provide the pantone number.
Logo Printing service Heat print, screen print, Silicon print, embroidery for choice.
Packing 1pc in a plastic bag, 100pcs per carton box.
Sample Service Free sample
Delivery time 15-20 business days on bulk production
Shipping Via Express,like FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNY, by sea,by air, by train

3 pieces sports set Female Sport Gym Suit manufacturers

3 pieces sports set is very good for people who do yoga outside. If you feel cold, you can wear the jacket. 3 Pieces set is very good for weather change.It is good to protect your body and fashion wear.

Seamless Workout 3 Pieces Long Sleeve Female Sport Gym Suit Is Good For Morning Yoga
Yoga people know that yoga can improve health, but its advantages are now supported by science. Especially in the morning yoga class, starting the morning yoga practice can make you feel immediately calm, but it also has several long-term health benefits. From reducing anxiety and depression to improving heart health and social connections, these effects have been well studied.
Doing morning yoga person like to choose 3 pieces yoga set. They think 3 pieces yoga set is very good in any time for sports. Especially the winter doing morning yoga at home.

Crop Top High Waist Yoga Sets

The yoga is benefit for us,so the custom yoga pants is be need

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years: first as a spiritual exercise, and later for its physical and mental benefits.

Relieve stress – female sport gym suit manufacturer

Since yoga is a meditation practice-and the stress-relieving benefits of meditation are well documented-it may not be surprising that yoga can also help you relax. female sport gym suit manufacturers.

In a 2005 study, women suffering from mental distress were asked to participate in a three-month yoga class. Researchers found that their stress levels and psychological outcomes have improved significantly. Other studies have proven the scientific reason for this spiritual benefit-yoga can reduce cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone. A number of studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly have lower cortisol levels than people who don’t.

Reduce anxiety – female sport gym suit manufacturer

Research also shows that yoga can help relieve anxiety. A 2009 study found that participating in a two-month yoga class can significantly reduce women’s anxiety. The researchers concluded that it can be considered as a supplement or alternative to the treatment of anxiety.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can also be relieved by practice. In a study, researchers found that the effect was comparable to therapies and drug-based therapies. female sport gym suit manufacturers.

Can reduce depression – female sport gym suit manufacturers
Several studies on the effects of yoga on specific populations indicate that it may help relieve depression. A 2006 study studied the effects of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga on alcohol dependent people. Compared with volunteers who did not practice yoga, volunteers who practiced yoga had significantly lower depression scores afterwards.

Other studies have shown that yoga significantly reduces depression and pain in breast cancer patients. Although we do not fully understand the effects of yoga on this disease, a review of studies concluded that yoga is an effective treatment.

Increase strength and flexibility – female sport gym suit manufacturers
Many different yoga poses can help you increase strength and flexibility. A study showed that after eight weeks of yoga practice, people’s flexibility increased by 35%. In addition, the chest and abdominal strength of this group increased significantly, allowing them to do six more push-ups on average.

Increasing your strength and flexibility will also help improve your balance. This can help you maintain or increase mobility as you age, thereby reducing falls.

Discover the benefits of morning stretching exercises for mobility and long-term health.

Relieve chronic pain – female sport gym suit manufacturer

Studies have shown that yoga can help prevent or reverse chronic pain. In fact, a researcher said that yoga has the opposite effect on chronic pain in the brain. A brain scan showed a decrease in the patient’s gray matter (which may be related to depression and anxiety caused by pain).

On the other hand, research shows that yoga practitioners have more gray matter in multiple areas, including areas related to pain control. Another study compared carpal tunnel patients with patients who practiced eight weeks of yoga. Facts have proved that yoga can better reduce pain and improve grip strength. Since the posture can be modified, most people can find a suitable routine regardless of their health problems.

Can reduce inflammation – female sport gym suit manufacturer

Chronic inflammation can cause health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Although more research needs to be done to confirm this connection, one study shows that regular yoga practice can prevent inflammatory diseases. It does this by changing the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines-proteins that regulate the body’s response to disease and infection. A 2019 study also concluded that yoga may be a viable way to treat inflammation caused by various chronic diseases.

Improve circulation and heart health – female sport gym suit manufacturers

If your blood circulation is poor, it means that your blood cannot flow to other parts of the body. This can cause tingling, pain, numbness and cramps. Although you should always focus on treating the root cause, yoga is a way to improve blood circulation.

A 2019 study showed that yoga can promote blood circulation and help people recover from a major heart attack. Patients who spend an hour a day practicing their heart pump more efficiently, which reduces their chance of death by 16% in the next five years. However, this is not the first study to prove that yoga is beneficial to heart health. It has also been found to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol (LDL), both of which are the main causes of heart problems.

Can improve sleep – female sport gym suit manufacturers

According to a national survey, more than 55% of people who practice yoga say that yoga helps them sleep better. It intuitively makes.

So the good yoga wear is also the same important for us. We will be very professional yoga wear factory in china.You can visit our website.

OEM service for female sport gym suit manufacturers:

-Pattern Design: Custom your own design, or make some changes on our designs

-Fabric Custom: Can be custom the fabric as you requested

-Color Options: You can choose from our instock color swatches, and can be customized as the pantone number you provide

-Size: will under your own size chart, if not, we have the standard US size chart for confirm

Print Logo Service:Heat Transfer print, Screen Print, Silicon print, Embroidery available.

Custom Hang Tags: you can design your own hang tags, and our team will provide you the various options.

Brand Custom Packing Bag: polybag can print your brand name as requested, and custom carton boxes are also welcome.

UPC Barcode Sticker: Send us your detail information for the sticker, we can custom it on the packing bags for you.

The custom service we can offer:


How to wash female sport gym suit:

Machine Washing Fitness Crop top Yoga wear
a. Pre-soaking the yoga wear in cold water, especially the pants with stains.
b. Separate the white yoga wear and the colored one.
c. Flip the yoga wear inside out, to prevent the apparel from fading or tearing
– Better placing inside of a mesh laundry bag, to prolong the yoga wear’s lifespan.
-Hanging and let the yoga pants dry, to prevents the fabric from losing its softness and prevent it from getting damaged.
1. Don’t use any fabric softener and bleach, to prevent the damages of your yoga wear feature.
2. Don’t wash your yoga wear with other apparel that with zippers or Velcro, or other rough fabric, avoid any chance that will scratch or rub against the yoga wear.

Hand Washing the fitness Digital Printed female sport gym suit:

Washing your female sport gym suit by hand, would be the most safe way to ensure the fabric will prolong its lifespan. Even though after undergo the extreme or harsh movements and yoga practice.

And if possible, we do recommend you washing your stretch yoga wear with the hands.
a. Separate the light colored yoga wear from the dark colored one
b. Using cold water instead, and pre-soaking at least 15 minutes.
c. Washing individually by holding the yoga wear with both hands and moving it forth and back repeatedly.
d. Remove the extra water by laying it against the towel and hang to dry, or pressing the fitness yoga wear gently.
Noted: You can washing by the same way of the joggers, tank top, t-shirt, hoodies or sports bra etc, especially the fitness sports clothing.